Why foam rolling is like carpet shampooing. It really is. Just work with me.

So part of my Achilles rehab is painful awful terrible must do it foam rolling.

let’s face it…no one likes it.

But if you keep at it the pain lessens and it becomes clear you are benefiting from the experience.

At night I head upstairs and get ready for bed and then grab the foam roller for the fun.

There’s one glitch…

I have no patience. So I roll and roll and roll and six minutes later I’ve foam rolled my legs and I’m ready for bed.


So years ago when we first bought our carpet shampooer I started that sucker up and shampooed the livingroom… in about six minutes.

See a pattern?

Sean looked at me like I was off slightly and then told me the shampooer had to go a lot slower. Sloowwerrr. Otherwise how do you get it clean? It’s not productive at all…Geez Woman.

You could see him looking at me like…”give it to me and I’ll do it”.

So he takes it from me and proceeds to move at a turtles pace (turtle power)  (I don’t like snails) and shampoos the entire carpet.


teenage mutant ninja turtles animated GIF

He’s in charge now.

He does all the shampooing.

My point is the carpet got way cleaner when he took his time, moved slowly over the carpet, recognized that going too fast would not get the stains out and wouldn’t be nearly as effective.

When he did it, it took at least four times longer.

so now when I foam roll I try to make it last 30 minutes.

It’s pretty excruciating. Not pain wise…patience wise.

But you know it’s way better for me and it’s dong a much better job.


The news just did a story on childhood obesity and eating healthy on a budget and I was ~no joke~ eating cake for breakfast.

I wasn’t so uncomfortable that I stopped eating the cake but hey…I noticed the story. LOL



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  1. I know. I absolutely and completely blame you. But hey…you gave me good skin. 🙂 I love you, too. 🙂

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