Sweet List <3 and some minor other stuff because I can.

I started this damn list two days ago. My brain won’t work. I’ve been looking for my lumpy foam roller (I have two) for several weeks and finally asked Sean if he thought I could have put it in a particular closet…I mean, does that sound like something I would do?
Sean: yes. You would put it in the deep freeze.
So not helpful. If you aren’t going to be helpful you shouldn’t contribute. 

It’s Monday. Labor day.  My Achilles have ached all weekend and thus so has my heart.

What does that mean?

Anyone have any suggestions?

The articles I read say I shouldn’t run for 4-6 weeks which puts me out until the marathon.

Sean says “that will be a really long training run”.

sometimes he’s not as enjoyable as other times.

emma stone animated GIF

I thought about running this morning and then I got inspired. My orthotics are well overdue to be replaced so I’m going to my favorite store in the WORLD tomorrow~ Active Imprints in Boulder.  Also known as Newton Running. Yes Folks…Newton Running is right here in Boulder and I saw them first. I love them. I don’t run in Newtons because they like you to use your forefoot and hello…it’s hard on your achilles. They tried it and then they said…please bring our shoes back. Ha. It’s kinda funny if you think about it.  I do love their shoes so much.

Sweet List! <3

  1. My last day of work is this Friday. I spent the last week saying goodbye to people as you well know. I’m plenty vocal about that.  I have heard the most amazing words from people that just reaffirm what you hope you are putting out to the world but constantly question. Okay, I constantly question.  It was  a great feeling and I have come away with friends I will miss so much.
  2.  Someone told me they have never met anyone with a work ethic like I have. I would be really flattered if I didn’t know it was only because I’m so OCD there is no way I can possibly leave without completely all my tasks. I’m working overtime to get it all done. #Ispeakthetruth #OCDproblems
  3. Jalapeno kettle chips. Oh my gosh.   Those are seriously good chips. #somelikeithot
    some like it hot animated GIF
  4. Yesterday was the most perfect weather day for Colorado. >until today< It wasn’t too hot and it was asking if maybe it could rain a little. We discussed it and I suggested maybe later so we can enjoy our days and then sit and watch the rain come and sprinkle the yard and leave that amazing smell…then tomorrow on to sunny and gorgeous again. Can we say ~fall is coming fast…enjoy this and don’t blink~.
  5. I’m craving cupcakes (when.am.I.not) so I made pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Because why not. So delicious.
  6. I told Sean I had friends who were checking the *Ashley Madison website hack (sorry…no link because…yuck) to see if their husbands were cheating. I was having a conversation with one of them about what a bad idea we thought it was to even go there. Sean says to me later…”oh by the way…feel free to check. If I was going to go there I sure as hell wouldn’t use my own email!” This from my computer husband. hahahhaha. I love him. He makes me laugh every.single.day. #dontneedtocheck  #wherewouldhegetthetime

Hahaha.....WAIT!....can I get out of gym class like this??:

8. I spent the day on  Pinterest yesterday. Crock pot dinner, the aforementioned Pumpkin cupcakes, maybe some  cookies (that didn’t happen but this morning pumpkin donuts did)…and of course…entertainment in the form of #7. All within about six minutes. That’s about as much time as I can stand to be on there but I still have a good time. #lostonpinterest #backawayfromtheboards

~~~side note for Pinterest users…please don’t name a recipe “easy” if it has 27 ingredients and as many steps. Ridiculous. ~~~~
9.   My Big Fat Greek Wedding is on and I love how it starts out.

I wish I had a different life. I wish I was braver and prettier…or just happy. But it’s useless to dream, because nothing ever changes. ~My Big Fat Greek Wedding

And I love how it ends…proving once again it’s never useless to dream. We can be happy but we can’t wait for it to come to us.  Get up and go look for it and don’t be afraid of change…be brave and you will be rewarded. I truly believe that. Also…Windex really does fix everything.

10.  I found my foam roller. Yep. It was not in the deep freeze. (smiley on both counts)


11.  I love this. When someone sees a need and someone else says “there’s an app for that”. Or…there should be. How to feel safe when you are walking alone. 


You know what…I’m just not feeling this so I’m stopping at number eleven. I know…it’s pretty off. But this weekend just didn’t feel great and I need to regroup. I didn’t get anything productive done. Three days later and I still have laundry to do. I am seriously SERIOUSLY feeling the lack of exercise. I haven’t seen theboy in far too long. I’m pretty sure two of my three kids are not feeling very social right now anyway. And I am just generally feeling…not fun. So I’ll stop now and reserve the right to come back with #12 and #13 later.

Also…there’s a spider on the counter right next to me. Seriously. I need to go to bed.


*an aside about this Ashley Madison hack…I think it’s definitely not a laughing matter. I found it to be very serious and led to some dark conversations at my workplace. People have strong opinions about people that cheat. But I think it is a difficult situation to just judge on the surface and blindly say “they were on the website so off with their head!”. There are too many scenarios that could be feeding the situation you can’t just judge on that face. And the allegation that two people possibly committed suicide, felt that desperate, made me really sad. So our one joke was really the one moment of light heartedness in the weeks after the news broke. I just felt bad for all the families.


Be better than you used to be.:

Run on…and don’t forget to stretch properly. 

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  1. Seriously gotta agree with you about the recipes. Easy is 4-5 ingredients in my book. And those would be something the average person has in the house, no eye of newt please!

    1. Ha. Eye of Newt. I’m not even sure that’s a joke. There are some WHACK ingredients out there. And you KNOW Catherine has them in her pantry of she can tell you where to find them in the grocery store.

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