Today we found out we are of the 9.2% of Americans that have no health care.

America’s uninsured rate fell below 10 percent for the first time in decades, according to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control’s National Center for Health Statistics.~source

Here is our week.

Tuesday: MT has a consultation with a specialist about some possible outpatient surgery having to do with his asthma. Again…specialist. Re: dollar signs.

Wednesday: Tess sees the chiropractor for her ongoing ~couldmyachilleshatemeanymore~ issue.

Thursday: Tess has a follow up scheduled for Botox. Re: specialist…dollar signs.

Unfortunately…Wednesday at 5:10pm Tess’s darling friend and running partner the Fabulous Miss G who also happens to be the assistant of Dr. O says, “oh…I need your new insurance info”.


The story is too long and complicated to explain but I’ll say this short and sweet. Sean got a call telling him he had to switch insurance from International to Domestic (remember that little jaunt he made last year overseas…then he came home). But he had until Sept 24th.

Unfortunately three days later they cancelled us and didn’t tell us. So we have no insurance. And haven’t for the last three weeks.

None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

What are you talking about? Of COURSE I’m not freaked out.

What’s the big deal? It’s JUST HEALTH INSURANCE.

I’ve only had it every single day of my married life. OMG

And I don’t say OMG lightly People but in this case I do believe the Lord is okay with me calling out to Him.

In case anyone thinks I’m making a big deal out of this…I’m a high maintenance patient. Between the migraines and the Celiac…I go to the doctor a lot just for maintenance. But I also have two kids who live on the edge and are insured through us. I prefer to know they are covered in an emergency. It’s just so risky. I get it. In the grand scheme there are SO many people who live every day without it and I get I could be so much worse off than I really am but I can think of 10 things I’d rather give up than this. It’s like a security blanket we’ve always had. Our family, we have a thing about insurance. It sucks because it costs so much but worth it to us.

So Sean and I will be waking early (ha…probably all night because we already have a lot going on…stress, what’s stress?)… and making some phone calls to say…


as calmly and professionally as possible.


I went to Active Imprints in Boulder, only they changed their name a few years ago when they  created a little shoe company called  Newton Running. 

Yeah…they’re a big deal.

Jennifer Abshire helped me…SO nice. Incredibly helpful.

We are replacing my orthotics (not sure they really needed it but figured they could use a tweaking) and then she gave me a good lesson for my achilles. I use a Triggerpoint starter collection (the closest I can find is the Foundation Collection). And if you think for one second it’s not seriously damn painful you are so wrong.

Foundation Collection

I need to hold my leg on the little bar on my legs triggerpoint and keep it there. Does it hurt? Good. It’s supposed to. Roll it back and forth…up and back. Hold that pain and remember it’s healing your leg. Pain is good. Pain gets the blood flowing and breaks up the tissue.

I can only hope.

I’ve always used it but now I need to be a LOT meaner about it.


I have two days of work left this week and mixed feelings for sure.

My heart wants to stay and my head is ready to go.

I’ve spent the week with goodbyes and the customers that have meant the most to me have responded with such kindness and grace I’m touched beyond words.

As the days creep closer to the end of my last week ~thanks a lot Labor Day~ #shortweek  ~I find myself so grateful for the whole experience and a little apprehensive of next week and how I will feel Monday.

Probably terrible. Ha.


This day, as you could imagine, was long and so so much going on. Work, the race, Sean’s work, the kids, two cars are down right now, the health insurance…SO MUCH. It was really that kind of day. We just wanted to get through it as clean as possible without having any meltdowns.

I finally caved and had to sleep for an hour. I was so tired. When I woke up…there was a package on the counter for me.

A package from a friend.

My friend Kristen sent me a box of joy with a card. The envelope says this:

“Because I think you could use a little sweetness about now”

and inside the card (which is SO cute) it says this:

“I meditate, I do yoga, I chant…and I STILL want to smack someone!”

And of course, the loveliest note about my job and Chicago.


This looks pretty good even with a blurry picture, right? Ha. Some photographer I am. Skittles, gummies and marshmallows covered in caramel. Oh man those are my favorites. sigh. So good. 

I seriously am incredibly blessed with the best people in my life.

Thank you God, for these people.


Run on…


2 Replies to “Today we found out we are of the 9.2% of Americans that have no health care.”

  1. Wow, that is crazy (in a terrible way) about your health insurance! Aren’t they required to notify you in writing before they drop coverage? My health insurance was just dropped (a bridge policy and my time ran out) and they notified me 3 months in advance. My new policy doesn’t start until October 1st so I’m living on the edge until then. I hope you get it figured out quickly and relatively painlessly. Yea right, I know! That’s just so wrong.

    Enjoy your sugar high, no guilt!

    1. So Sean called this morning and they said, “it’s okay! you have until the 24th and THAT insurance will be retroactive!”

      Um…hey geniuses..what if the new insurance doesn’t want to pay for the services I JUST HAD DONE at the specialists?
      More phone calls and yes…I suspect there will be a conversation about why they just drop it and think that is okay? Seriously. I kind of want to throw up.

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