Hope is a beautiful thing. I am a Newton runner.

Let’s not mess around here.

I have been a Brooks girl for like…10 years at least. AT LEAST.

I went to Newton Running early in the week to get new orthotics. Jennifer Abshire helped me with the orthotics and I had to go back today to pick them up.

When I turned up today…feeling a little down because of my achilles STILL hurting…there was Danny Abshire. He came right up to me and mentioned my achilles bothering me.

I took off my shoes and he looked at my feet as I stood there and that was it…

Then proceeded to have an amazing conversation about everything I was doing…could be doing…should be doing…and finally suggested a shoe to possibly be wearing.  I tried the shoe and immediately felt better. What a change! I don’t know why I don’t just get in the freaking car and drive to this guy every time. He is amazing. I don’t know if it’s too late at this point but I am feeling better tonight than I have in days and days.  He told me there was an Olympic  runner who struggled with her achilles and he gave her this shoe and two or three runs in and she was much better. It’s a good shoe.

Well geez. I just want to run down the street…

I was hooked. Why?  Because of this:


Danny Abshire wears many hats. Aside from being CTO of Newton Running, he is a running coach, a consultant with the Lydiard Foundation and is affectionately known in the sports world as “The Foot Whisperer” for his work with injured athletes. He is also married with two children.  ~source

(I stole that whole thing…picture and all…from the Newton Running website)

Newton shoes are not subtle. They are bright and crazy and amazing. Here are mine…


I don’t even care they are so bright. I’m just feeling hope that I might feel better.

I can’t wait to try them out and see what happens.

If I love them I am going to become the complete tourist fan and buy the “I’m a Newton Runner” t-shirt, hat, jacket, leggings, you name it.

Okay, probably just the t-shirt.


That’s a lot of … bling. And swag and stuff. Maybe I’ll just wear the shoes.


My old shoes were Brooks Adrenaline (LOVE Brooks ~Yeah! Runhappy!) but the lift in them was 12mm. Danny suggested it was a bit much and I needed something a little friendlier for me. The Newton Fate (I love it) is a 4mm drop.

Yep. 4mm. That is some math right there, isn’t it?  A change of 8mm?  Let me add to that a bit. Inside my Brooks I had a lift in my orthotics so I was probably doing a 14 or 15mm.  So…yeah. THERE’S some math.

I’ve been walking for several days in my new Fate’s and they feel great. It takes an adjustment period when you wear Newton’s so I started with the walking in them. But when I ran in them I  felt like I needed the lifts they gave me to add a little extra for a short time. We’ll see if that helps even more.

Let’s face it…this isn’t going to be cured overnight. >pleaseGodcuremeovernight<

sigh. A girl can dream.

I’m workin’ on it.


Put the lifts in…OMG

These shoes feel so freaking good.

That is all.


Now…I want cake.


A little of theboy for you… 🙂



We bought him chicken fingers and waffle fries…he ate the lettuce it was presented on…??


Hey People…How YOU doin’?


Just feelin’ the need for some Joey…




Alex Michael and Megan, the girl he’s dating. Alex was a groomsman in the wedding. Don’t they look great?  


Don't stop trying just because you've hit a wall. Progress is progress no matter how small:

It’s a little Dr. Seussy…but who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? 🙂

Run on…

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    1. I love them so much! Years ago when I first tried them I couldn’t wear them because they were too hard on my Achilles. They told me to stick with Brooks. But now they’ve really grown the brand so much they have shoes for everybody. It’s amazing. I’m excited to have them and to support such an amazing company and local, too!I can say I knew them from the first pair of Newtons. I knew them before they WERE Newton Running.

  1. Wow, I want some! I have a terrible time getting running/walking shoes. I have bought several pairs and then had to return them after wearing them around the house. I have a terrible time getting a good fit. Glad you got yours.

    1. Um…I forgot I made it purple last night when I was playing with it. It let me update with new tricks. Sorry about that!

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