I didn’t inhale…okay…maybe I did. But this IS Colorado. And it was a total accident.

Miss G and I met this morning for a run but my Achilles were hurting this morning (we ran last night, too so maybe from that? I don’t know. I’m trying not to analyze and instead just deal with it).

So we ran a quarter mile…walked a quarter mile and on and off. I had the Achilles issue…G had the Taco Bell the night before issue.

I know. The shame.

Okay…but seriously.

Taco Bell??  ::shakeshead::  I didn’t know grown women still ate Taco Bell.  And she’s Mexican!

I gave her a hard time…and laughed a lot with her. But mostly gave her a hard time. Why work SO HARD and then eat something so bad? She’s going to be sick for a couple of days. I know her.

She’s working very hard at being healthy and changing her lifestyle. This threw me for a loop.

**Update:  I just talked to one of my OTHER friends (point of interest also a grown woman and Mexican! I hope you guys get that Mexican point is because hello…really? why would you WANT Taco Bell when you’ve had and can make real authentic Mexican food?) and she is SUPER HEALTHY, crazy with the oils and vitamins and she is a water drinking fool. ALWAYS eating and drinking only the best for her body.

She ate Taco Bell LAST NIGHT.***

I think there is one of two things happening here.

One: Taco Bell conspiracy

Two:  …

Nope. Just one. It’s a conspiracy.

you can bet I’m drinking bottled water…

from Switzerland (You know…just to be safe)


Meanwhile…as we’re walking around the park we pass a spot and she makes a comment about how she can’t believe “they’re still at it” ….I don’t quite follow but I figure I’ll catch up.

Next time around I’m looking to the left at the houses…I think there’s something on the ground and I’m looking at it so my head is turned and suddenly I get a very strong STRONG smell…and there it is.  I do believe I’ve inhaled whether I want to or not.

And of course THAT’S a scent you recognize…

AND…my voice is gone.

yep. gone.

hmm. interesting.

There’s a fun little side effect.

Never happened before (no…I’ve never smoked weed but I’ve been around it many times in my life and hello…I live in Colorado) but even G admits…that stuff was really strong.

And wow do I get nauseous. 

Like…stop…bend over….try not to actually lose it nauseous…

deep breaths…

We kept walking and were suddenly overcome by the sudden need for Cheetos.  

Come on…a post about smoking weed and you didn’t expect a Cheetos reference?? You’re off your game today.

G was okay. She was still rockin’ the Taco Bell from the night before. We did discuss waffles though…they sounded good. I have to be honest…Waffles would sound good if I WASN’T stoned. ha. Figured whoever was smokin’ was probably thinkin’ about waffles too at 5am.

Last time around G was talking and somehow mid sentence she threw  in “hold your breath” but hello….I didn’t hear that! so yeah…

I got a lovely second dose. In my defense, the first go round was in the dark.

Second dose…just like clockwork…voice gone.

SO weird.

My children will be so disappointed in me.

They’re always trying to get me to smoke to see if it helps my migraines and I’m just totally not interested.  Apparently it doesn’t really like me very much. I really don’t remember it ever giving me that reaction before though…

Inside this rule following boring so not fun person is a party lover  dying to come out.

If I could just do that without smoking or drinking or doing drugs..I’m in.

Can I just laugh?  I do love laughing so hard you can’t breathe? or you cry?  Those are the best moments. I love those.


Perk to not working…I am off to noon yoga.


Downside…daytime television. shoot.me.now.

you know you’re not jealous.

If anything would convince me to get a job it’s that. Wow.

Thank the Lord for Pandora radio.

And my endless list of things to do.

And of course…if I get bored..I can always go walk around the park…the people over there seem to always have something to do…day and night…


Some running, mostly walking

yoga today and then lots of Trigger Point work and ending with compression socks. Yep. Compression socks.

bringin’ the sexy back…



there’s a plan.  I just need to trust.

Run on…and run strong.