New York. And sleep. And possibly regrouping.

So…it’s Thursday night (newsflash: now it’s Friday morning) and we’re getting ready to leave in the morning…this is what I typed at 5am this morning (newsflash: Thursday morning) and didn’t finish because I fell asleep at the counter.  When I woke up I opted to go to bed and then I didn’t get a chance to get to the computer again until now…nearly 24 hours later.  Hopefully I’ll be more articulate? Don’t count on it.

It’s 5am. It’s cold. My legs hurt. My head hurts. I have a million things to do today including get a hotel room for NYC.

What??  You don’t have a hotel room for NYC??  Don’t you leave TOMORROW??

Listen to you all judgy.

I TRIED (originally I accidentally typed “tired” do you think that was Freudian?)

But Expedia was having issues and flashing me.

Funny Friends animated GIF

Not that kind of flashing.

The screen was flashing and I suspected God was telling me…not a good time to get a hotel.

Either that or their site was down and I’ve just decided that every single thing from now on is a MESSAGE FROM GOD HIMSELF


Only her hairdresser knows for sure.

Newsflash:  I typed for about an hour and a half and then I went back to bed. Yup. That’s what I did.

I got another hour of sleep and feel much better.  Probably less punchy but don’t hold me to that.

I did get a hotel and it wasn’t even a big deal. Whew. Apparently NYC does not run out of hotels on random days in September.

Now to finish cleaning.



I was thinking about the blog today and feeling bad because frankly…for a running blog…I don’t talk about running much.

There’s not a lot of Tempo runs, Intervals, Easy runs…etc. I just talk about…running.

So hey…I ran today.

Oh…I have a race coming up.

And then…so I’m injured…



My hope is soon there will be I ran today. Ha.

It’ll be there.

I don’t give details and stats and I don’t stress about not getting faster. I am usually pretty joyful that I ran at all.

Thanks for being patient and putting up with my casual style. My “running blog” definitely goes it’s own way.


I love the story of hot debate guy.


We have an old trash bin (like seriously…10+ years) and it’s tired and dirty and now broken.

star wars animated GIF

The overly enthusiastic waste employee accidentally broke the wheel.  We decided to get a replacement and since we could just buy one for $34 and no thank you…not RENT one for $20 every three months (you cannot be serious) I asked them if they could pick ours up and take it.

16 emails later I got an answer.  Super nice girl but are you kidding?  This conversation took 16 emails?  It’s like sending an email to your kid.  You can ONLY ask one question. They won’t answer two. Then you have to ask a second question. It’s exhausting.

tired animated GIF

Happy answer…they are taking it and my life can finally get easier. Man I’m over that trash bin. I think it’s older than some of my kids upon rethinking that.

best story ever.

Thanks for still reading at this point. Pretty sure you’re related to me or maybe I owe you money. Not sure why anyone else would stay to read this drivel. You should know I’m slightly stoned and on very little sleep. That’s probably what’s happening here.

I have no explanation for why the rest of the posts are this bad except I’m a terrible writer with no standards whatsoever.

Well, I have standards…I mean my kitchen is really clean.


I’m going to stop now while I’m ahead.

I know you’re all thinking the same thing…

Girl thinks she’s ahead. ::shakeshead::

Just give me this one. My head hurts and it’s been a rough day.




Will you be there?? That would be fun!!

I will not be running in Central Park.

In my spirit of always trying to have the damn cup half full…I can knock one thing off my incredibly long list of things to do in NYC.

My cup runneth over.


This is me every day.  Every run.

Gotta go now… I have to pack. (Ha. You think I’m kidding)

Run on…


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    1. Ha. I know. I was very tired. And I was going with what my brain was saying. Virtually no editing. Sorry! Love you!

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