We took our time in the next two days and so good to be home. So good.

I know you’re thinking…geez, aren’t they home yet?

Nope. That was only the first day. But after that we slowed down. I don’t know why or how we fit so much in the first day. We were surprised, too.

On the second day we took our own sweet time, headed out and scoured the city for something to eat.

Each day we were there we were determined to find my favorite little burger place I ate at last year. I couldn’t remember exactly where it was or what it was called but I figured it had to be on my gluten free app find me gluten free.

Nothing looked familiar.

We ate at some delicious and expensive places. The first night we ate at 5 Napkins in Hell’s Kitchen. Oh my Lord the burgers. Have I mentioned I love burgers? Yeah, I probably have.


Determined to find a new place…we headed out again and ended up at a darling little Italian place whose name escapes me (oh but I did love the gnocchi). But when we were seated on the patio and menus were in hand…there on the tables were 5Napkins cards.

They were affiliated.

Of course they were. Because both restaurants were charming, gluten free, had amazing food and were just what we were looking for.

We never did get to their third restaurant but you can bet we kept an eye out for it.

On day two we were determined to see the Statue of Liberty. We really wanted to go to the crown but apparently we should have booked those tickets back in April. Sheesh. The whole world visits NYC.

So we thought..okay….we’ll be content to just go inside.

No, Sir, you cannot.

You should have booked THOSE tickets last week.

But…for the mere price of $18 you can take the ferry over to SEE her and walk around SEEING her. We hope that’s enough for you as it will just have to be.

Because it just will.

So we did. Because we wanted to.

The ferry ride was totally worth it, though it was truly short and I could live on a boat (as could Sean) we walked around the island a little bit, bought a drink and a cookie and headed back. It was great to get to see her up close and realize just how incredibly big she is. I had no idea.




I really wanted to visit the Museum of Jewish Heritage unfortunately we just didn’t make it. Lady Liberty kept us too long.

So instead we wandered the streets while I took a billion photos  admiring NYC and headed over to cross the Brooklyn Bridge.

I love Bridges.

I love trains and bridges. I’m weird like that.


This was the escalator to the subway…can you believe how LONG it is? 


Just the world’s coolest blank slate building


A nod to my banking world…


played the sweetest music, I’m a sucker for street music. I love it.

And then it was time for the Brooklyn Bridge which … hello…I have history with (NYC Marathon thankyouverymuch!)

Oh, I’m sorry Sean, did I mention that 27 times too many this weekend??  Ha! why yes, I think you did. I’ll try not to do that again. But I’m certain I’ll fail because…it was awesome.


DUMBO, Brooklyn: Down Under Manhattan Bridge




One of too many…way too many photos. 


That cute man.

We went and ate after that and called it a day. It was quite the travel with all the walking and the bridge crossing and such.

Where did we eat? Not my cool burger place because we still couldn’t find it. We did, however find another cool burger place and ate there. We ate at a steak place earlier (I had salad) so I was totally okay with burgers again. And because I could eat burgers at every meal. But it was really bumming me out about not being able to find it. I’d even texted Miss Andrea (she came with me last year, if you recall, when Michelle and I ran the NYC marathon…oh, did I mention that before? …side note..I wonder how long I get to say that. Hm. Probably only until THIS year’s is done. Dammit) and she didn’t remember where it was either. We were sad.

Come Monday, we had a full day in NYC. Sean didn’t feel good so we thought…light day. See a few things fairly close together. But hey…first things first….

We must eat.


Sean got a pastry from this place…they had waffles that you could dip in chocolate. Seriously?? ?  So mean.

But in the BACK of the bakery they had this…


And that was it. I could have sat there all day long. Just playing on my computer, reading a book and having tea. We were there for a lovely amount of time and I could still be there being deliciously happy. I did take a book from there and I wish I’d had my book with me, I’d have left it.

We headed out to find my burger place.

Where is it? you ask?  Did I find it??  Why YES!  I did the clever thing!

I looked it up in my blog archives!  I’m so damn smart. I blogged about it last year. This is why they pay me so much to write this blog.

**not a dime. I do this for absolutely not one dime. You get what you pay for***

It was Schnippers and yep..I was just missing it on Find me gluten free.  SO CLOSE.

So Sean picked the one we thought was ours and headed over there. A little walking and there we were. I of course was so confused…I’m engrossed in the sights, the people, answering messages and such that I have NO CLUE where I am.

When we stop he says..we’re here.


Sure enough.We’re at Schnippers but it’s not my Schnippers. It’s a different location. I don’t care. I’ll eat there. It’s the food I love. But it was dang funny. No wonder we were lost.  We quickly determined how we got turned around, which one was mine and so on but still, a little funny.

Oh man, that burger. At half the cost of the other places we ate at it was at least as good if not better. I want one now.

the shake was so thick we couldn’t drink it.

the fries were tiny and thin and crispy.

I want it all right now.

We headed over to the New York Public Library to look around but Sean was really not well so I walked around and he sat for awhile and enjoyed the quiet while noticing the lack of books and the fact there were far more computers out than anything. WiFi central right there. Don’t panic. That was just one room.


217 224 216

After a bit we left there and went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral


228 230 233

I lit a candle for my grandparents and my uncle we just lost and said a prayer for a few people I felt like needed it. I sat for awhile and listened.
We left and walked to Central Park.

I’m pretty sure we walked in one tiny corner of Central Park and then headed back to the hotel to get our bags and go to the airport.

When we got to the hotel I was helped by the girl I recognized earlier…

Her name was Jocelyn.

She got the bags but she said to  me…”have you stayed with us before? I really recognize you”

Yes! yes I have!  Yay for not being crazy stalker chick!

she was super nice and gave me her business card so if I come back I can call her and she’ll hook me up. Nice, huh?

Yep. It pays to make an impression. Ha.

The flight had been delayed by about an hour…

really? are you surprised? After getting here took an extra six delays and an extra airplane?

So we were able to really take our time.

We boarded the flight and my seatmate was a young blonde girl who really needed her sleep.

After a few hours of sleeping she comes to and begins to talk.

And talk. and talk and talk and talk.

Apparently she made friends with a fairly wealthy woman on the plane (who I know the name of but will keep her privacy) and this woman bought her wine pretty regularly so she was beyond buzzed early on and head farther in as the flight progressed.

She was nice though. Just a talker.

Interesting note though:….she was talking about how long she’d been married and asked about Sean and I. I told her we’d been married 29 years. I said my favorite line…”I’ve been married longer than you’ve been alive”

She said, “I wouldn’t be too sure!” because she was 29 years old. She says, “when is your anniversary?”

I told her it was May 24th and she WHIPS out her drivers license and I swear her birthday is May 24th 1986.  The day we got married.

What the hell.

I don’t think it’s possible for me to have an uneventful flight.I always meet interesting people.

I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Landed beautifully without incident and before you know it we are home. We agreed silently and out loud on two very important things.
I’m sorry. Three things.

  1.  We loved LOVED New York.

2.  Colorado is amazing and we each took a breath of fresh air when we landed and were home.

3.  Denver’s airport is awesome. I’m sorry People,  but I have been in a LOT of airports and man, Denver does it so well. We do have a few glitches but seriously…there are some MESSED UP airports out there. I love Denver’s.

We had the best time and I’m so glad we are so alike in traveling. We have the same flaky personalities with travel that it’s very easy to go places with him. We eat weird, sightsee weird and he totally puts up with me. I couldn’t be luckier.


Run on…


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  1. lol…this totally reminded me of an episode of HIMYM where Marshall is trying to find the burger joint where he had the most unbelievable burger on his first night in NYC. What a wonderful trip!

    1. YES! That was a great episode! We did end up figuring out where it was but didn’t get there. Next time. I highly recommend them. Great burgers. sigh. I want one right one. And their skinny fries…and a shake…I am out of control.

  2. I loved reading this!! What an awesome experience. Also, you’re making me hungry!

    And too funny about the girl born on your wedding day!

    1. It was so fun…all those little experiences really made the trip the best. We could have stayed in the bookstore all day!
      And I could eat a burger any time. Ha.
      Isn’t that crazy about the birthday thing?? I was so weirded out by that. But it was hilariously fun.

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