What is your greatest commodity?

First of all, I dare you to watch Stepmom without crying. Sheesh.

When I left the house yesterday The Karate Kid was on. I should have stuck to that.  Can’t go wrong with cheesy eighties movies.

Oh hey…it’s on again! I need to change the channel…can you hold on a second? Thanks


I absolutely need to move soon.

Not from my house… I just need to be a moving body. I am going slowly insane not running. I’m not complaining about the not running but I will say I’m much happier when I do run. I’m pretty much in a funk right now.

It probably doesn’t help that I’m unemployed.

I need a job. And I need to go to school.

And I need to run.

I’m going to mention NYC for a tinybriefsecond and then we’re done.

We ate somewhere that was rated well, Celiac friendly, and upon questioning was we were reassured they could handle my salad and fries.

Yes, I got salad AND fries.

Don’t judge me.

I’ve eaten there before (it’s a chain that shall remain nameless) and also gotten sick but I assumed it was the service.

I think whatever they are doing they THINK is Celiac friendly…well…it’s not.

Because I have been sicker than I’ve ever been this week.

It’s okay…this isn’t a sympathy post it’s a dawning realization post. Who knew I could get this sick?

I got the usual miserable symptoms a Celiac gets…

You know…all that TMI ..

and then on Monday I added unbelievable muscle and joint pain. Like..it’s easier to stay in bed then move.

Oh my gosh…I would wake up in the morning and think…what the hell is WRONG with me?  But I knew what it was because I got sick like..30 minutes after I ate there and it went downhill from there.  I was able to continue seeing NYC but I definitely had uncomfortable moments. The pain really didn’t kick in until a few days later. Thank heaven.

So I’m starting to come out of it a little bit. A week of eating clean has helped me. I’m drinking a TON of water. So.much.water.

and I’m sorry to put this out there but Advil is my friend. My fingers are killing me.

If pain is in the mind could someone tell my fingers??  Unfriendly.

I think another week and the worst should be over. Especially if I continue clean eating and lots of water. I really think that’s the answer. And now that I am home I can make sure all that happens.

But that’s why there hasn’t been one single word about exercise this week. I was lucky to walk down the stairs.

I miss it so much.

I’m going to start walking with a friend on Monday.  Someone who is normally full of joy but currently is trying to find it. I miss her joy. We’re going to look for it.  But I think the gym with a little elliptical and adding strength training back in is in order.  I need it to help power through those days when I do get poisoned.

Eating out is hard. It’s way more work than I ever want to put into it and frequently I just would rather not eat. I’m not that hungry anyway I’d rather just not do it. I’m there for the company, I want the company.



What is your greatest commodity?

Commodity:  noun com·mod·i·ty \kə-ˈmä-də-tē\

something or someone that is useful or valued

Andrea and I talked about time and family being our greatest commodities.

Interestingly enough…we both felt like we’ve always appreciated those things and it’s not our age. It’s just who we are. Probably why we connected so quickly as friends. Neither of us take anything for granted. Every moment is important.

Someone asked her last week if she was happy. She said she is ridiculously happy.

Yes.  Life presents struggles and pain, transmissions break down and kids get in car accidents.

But when it comes right down to it we are so incredibly blessed by what we have. And even when you’re having those awful days, the days where everything hurts, you flunked a test, your co worker sucks, the checkout girl was rude and the guy honked at you….how blessed are you? Supremely.

We are in fact unequivocally joyful.  Enjoy those minutes. Do you have to love every one of them? No. Some of them have caused great pain. But the whole package is happiness.

"Don't waste a minute not being happy. If one window closes, run to the next window—or break down a door." - Brooke Shields // #WWWQuotesToLiveBy:

Run on…