Sweet List <3

  1.  This story about a family that gives up their whole life ~jobs and all~ to take their family (three darling kids) on a 13,000 mile trip from Argentina to Pennsylvania to see the Pope. I mean…I can’t even. Oh wait, you want the best part?  He’s been reading their blog  (which you can get in English…mostly haha) and he actually asks to meet them! ::warmfuzziesandhappiness:: What a great story.
  2. Weekend with my mom and sister hanging out and having fun. Eating ridiculously unhealthy foods and laughing at ridiculously stupid stuff until I’m afraid the neighbors are going to come knocking on the door.  Ha. It was fun…we’re doing it again.  #getaways  #kindofastaycation #doeswyomingcount
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  3. I turned on the television tonight as I was going to bed and one of my favorite movies is on…Unstoppable. I am a train nut and hello…Denzel Washington? Apparently I won’t be sleeping tonight.
  4. Burgers at Five Guys.
    Why are you shocked???  Seriously how could you not know by now that I love burgers and cupcakes? I mean, really. Also…I do love a great Cobb Salad.
  5. So randomly…Five Guys does not offer a gluten free bun for your burger. They do everything else but not that. I personally see no use for a lettuce wrapped burger, so I took my own gluten free bun in. I KNOW. Crazy, right? Nevertheless, worked well.  It’s also a surprise that they only have American cheese, is that even cheese?
  6. Sitting outside enjoying the moon this evening, the air was so beautiful and crisp…cool and clean. I think I need to go camping. I haven’t gone in years and I think it’s time to go again. It’s easier without toddlers.
  7. In Casper we stayed at the Best Western Plus  which was BRAND NEW and hello…is there anything more fabulous than a brand new hotel SO new the hotel right next to it was still being built. The best part of that is you don’t walk around wondering how many years of ick is in the carpet. I love that. Nathan at the front desk helped me.  Thanks Nathan!
  8. I got the best piece of jewelry from Blue Door in NYC. I got it at a street sale but with a business card found them online. Sadly it looks like their inventory is drastically low online from what they had at the street sale. They had SO much and it was all unique and beautiful. I love unique jewelry. If you can’t see it, there’s a little man sitting on a bridge and the moon is out…it’s a scene. I love the whole concept. I almost got a rectangle one with a bicyclist. It was SO charming. They have a little round one with a cyclist I didn’t see before. It’s pretty cute. I’d take that. Really, this jewelry is so up my alley and I’d own all of it.
  9. Miss Andrea sent me flowers to thank me for coming to her party. Because that’s who she is. She sends me flowers. To thank me. For coming to her PARTY. She won’t send you flowers though. Because I’m her favorite. They are a favorite flower of mine and so beautiful. I love her. Of course…now she set the bar pretty high so I may never ask her to another party because I don’t want to have to order her flowers. Geez. No pressure.
  10. I was doing some reading earlier today and came across a list of things people like in bloggers. It was nice to see it laid out…I like things nice and clean like that. I mean, I don’t actually follow those rules and I’m pretty sure that’s why I have what my darling friend Norma refers to as a “baby blog” ha. But that’s okay. I have a good idea of what I want, where I’m going and what I like. And I’m a rule follower but only when I like the rules.
  11. I think I’m going to get a new tattoo. I actually want a few, nothing big, just little ones. But I definitely need to schedule an appt and just schedule one and get it done.
    Interestingly enough…after speaking to my neurologist he told me the Botox shots hurt far worse on my right side than my left because the right side is where I get my migraines. And that’s the side my back tattoo hurt the most. So I guess I can only get a tattoo on my left side.

    From now on…I’ll be the left side tattooed lady. I definitely don’t think that will look strange at all.
  12. Last week before my trip I spent the whole day running errand after errand and feeling very organized. Of course, there are many more to be done. Today I spent the entire day on the computer trying to get computer errands done. I didn’t finish but I got a lot done.  It’s that kind of week. Get things done. That has to be the up side to not having a job to go to. Getting caught up on life.

    ~that actually does make me really happy***
  13.  While I was gone, Sean vacuumed. If you have read me for any length of time you know that saves the chaos in my brain from making me crazy.
    It’s the little things.
    Sometimes the smallest things... - Winnie the Pooh:
    For lack of running ability we’ll be encouraging other kinds of workouts. Mostly to motivate me. Ha. That’s for another post. Meanwhile…Get off the couch. ~Again..that was for me~

Run on…

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  1. Yay for sweet lists! And that’s really interesting about the pain / migraine location / tattoo thing. My migraines aren’t always on the same side, but now I wonder how it affected my tattoo experience/pain… hmmm…

    What are you thinking of getting?

    1. Oh my migraines have always been clockwork exactly on one side. My right side. I could use someone to please hold my head. It hurts so much. And yes…all down that side.

      I have a few ideas. There are some quotes I’m playing with. If only I could decide I suppose.

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