Back to the gym to strength train for the first time in weeks….how many weeks is so not an important detail…

So…this is Friday, right?  Tuesday I went to the gym to do some strength work and get some cardio in. But since I haven’t strength trained in several weeks it wore me out completely so there was no cardio to be had.  I just did a warm up mile on the elliptical and then did the weights.

I did:



Two leg machines that most personal trainers have voted are ~totally worthless and why waste your time good Lord DO find something else to do~

Hmm…Good to know.

Must research better I suppose.

I walked with Miss Hollie for three miles and felt MUCH better.

Wednesday I woke up about 5am feeling really REALLY GOOD.

5:15am I thought…hm. There’s that muscle. Not like I didn’t expect DOMS to kick in. I’ve actually not really been looking forward to this. It’s the crummy part of working out. Sigh.

Yep.  About 9am I was full on into ~ohholycowwhatwasIthinkingtoworkout?~

Remember, that was Wednesday. This is Friday. I still hurt. I’m not very happy about that.

Maybe my days are off. I feel like it’s been longer. Maybe I worked out on Monday. That’s how bad I hurt! I’m sure I’ve been in pain for like SIX MONTHS.

On the bright side, I don’t care about my Achilles anymore. Worked like a charm.

When I would complain about something hurting my dad would offer to hit me with a hammer or something to take my mind off the pain.

He was such a generous loving man.


I have a pair of jean shorts I bought at Kohl’s last year. They’re a Kohl’s brand and I am PRETTY sure I bought them in the Junior section.

Don’t get excited…they aren’t THAT tiny. But for some random reason I ignored them for a whole year. This year I tried them on in a quick ~hey, I need shorts~ and they are soft like buttah!

Needless to say, I’ve been living in them.

Every day.

No seriously, every day.

I never wear pants. I just wear these shorts.

When I worked, I would come home and change into them.

Geez I’ve worn them so much I’m thinking I need to tell people I have three pair so they don’t start wonder how I’m possibly getting them washed that fast and then wearing them again in so short a time.

Are you wondering why I don’t just go BUY two more pair? I TRIED. I’ve even looked online. Not to be found. SO wrong.

I told Andrea this dilemma and that I was “concerned” I would get a hole in them thus “outing” me that I really only have one pair and she wisely suggested I tell people they came distressed.

This is why she’s my friend. She’s a thinker, that one.

I “misplaced” my debit card (only not because I knew I had put it in my back pocket I just wasn’t thinking as to which back pocket) and had to wear…gasp…jeans one day. I couldn’t find it. I just couldn’t find it. The next day I was getting ready to head out and thought..dammit. I really need to find my debit card…oh wait. Reached into my back pocket. Yep. There it was. Because I was wearing those jeans. Ha.

I need jean short intervention.

I would say it’s quite sad but I REALLY LIKE THEM>


I walked with Miss Hollie again last night…we had theboy with us (he’s spending a few days entertaining us!) and we went to the runaroundpark so we could walk. He made it 3/4 of the way before he stopped to look at a bug.

Good times.

He did finally make it the rest of the way and MT was there to take him home because our pace was definitely slow.

Hollie and I walked two more miles and made plans for next week. My body is thanking me for movement and my Achilles are not.


This morning he asked me for breakfast. I made him a smoothie and he wanted toast with it. I said Just toast? He said “Toast with a great deal of butter”.

Ha. Okay then.

We are taking the train to the mall and then back to Aurora because it’s Papa Sean’s LAST DAY OF WORK! Havin’ a big get together and we have to show up and pretend we care. WhatEVER. ::eyeroll::

We like him. We care. We’re showin’ up. 🙂

This is big news…Last day with the same company for 18 years.

He’s pretty awesome and they already told him he can come back. He said he’ll be escorted out after being debriefed. I said wow…that’s a whole different kind of escorted out then I got from that job I had…(not my last job…job before that..I don’t think I made a lot of friends there)

Ha. Clearly he’s more of a rule follower than I am.

He starts his new job on Monday and we’re TOTALLY UNINSURED for two full days. TWO FULL DAYS. He said he was going to bubble wrap me and keep me in the house. Paranoid much?  LOL


last thing…I opened the fridge this morning and found a grocery bag with…random unidentifiable stuff in it. I sent out this email to the men that live with me:

Okay: What’s in the bag…and is it contagious?

Alexander came back with info:  it was leftovers from Mike…it’s actually pretty good. 

Sean came back with this:
whatever it is, don’t eat it.  we don’t have health insurance this weekend.
I love him.

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits. #positive #life #quote:

Run on…

4 Replies to “Back to the gym to strength train for the first time in weeks….how many weeks is so not an important detail…”

    1. hahaha. Hilarious. I’ll never forget the chicken! I thought I’d be widowed with a brand new baby! Men. I still shudder when I think of how sick he was!
      Truth be told I seriously think he was just thinking of me! I’m sure he thinks he’s indestructible. But we all know I’m not. ::shakeshead::

      Good to know he cares.

  1. Oh man. Good luck this weekend. I’ll think good thoughts for you!

    and I hate not being able to find the same things that you love. I just ordered dress number 4 of my favorite style and when it came I discovered it was a slightly different fabric. Fit is still the same… hopefully I’ll like it but it *is* different =/

    1. Thanks for the good thoughts! It’s risky, we know! Ridiculous, right? Still…with me and my family you never know. We had health insurance before it was just retroactive and we knew we could fight for it. Now he says..yep. Completely uninsured. Please be careful. Worst case we’ll activate Cobra.

      Please God don’t let there be a worst case. My family tends to be a worst case kind of family. We’re hopin’ it’ll be a quiet little weekend. LOL

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