Ridin’ the Rails…

We have theboy for a few days (they are actually getting him today) so he and I have been hanging out.

Yesterday I was running an errand to return something and decided to ride the light rail!

So I asked theboy if he wanted to ride the train and oh man that was a hellyes.
excited animated GIF
So…he’s four so maybe it was more like this…
Supernatural Yes animated GIF

Well,he might have but he didn’t. Instead he said, “when can we ride the train? can we ride the train now? Now? Now? When can we ride the train? Now?” pretty much every fifteen minutes until we did. I told him on Thursday night. We went Friday around noon.

Rookie mistake. Not sure what I was thinking there…

I’ve never taken that route before, we usually go downtown. To be sure I wouldn’t get lost with a four year old I checked the schedule online…AND I called customer service and checked with THEM to make sure I had the right train.

Packed our little backpack and headed out. We had a bottle of water and snacks and a fully charged phone. I realize this is 2015 but this is a whole day with a four year old and I don’t care if it’s 1975, 1995 or 2015…if you don’t have snacks…you are screwed.  And he ate those snacks, too.

We got parked, got our tickets and picked our train.
IMG_20151002_120422005 (1)

I even double checked, made sure we were right and we hopped on the train. This was one excited boy.


His hair is SUPER curly and really really soft. But when he sleeps on it the curls go flat so you have to wet it and get it going it again. I did it that morning but I missed his little sideburns. The child looked like Elvis all day. I kept trying to get it damp and curl it up but I just couldn’t seem to get it.

Hence I rode the train with Elvis.

We hopped off (shortest train ride ever) and over to our connection…

Right on time…perfect connection…

Rode it like clockwork…

Waited for our stop…

and waited…

hmm…it’s been awhile…(meanwhile theboy is freakin’ THRILLED to be on the train)

We finally got off the train at a random stop (theboy was not happy) and looked at the map. So not near our destination.

I bought a ticket back to our stop as my ticket wouldn’t work for where I was now going. I was out of my zone. Then I called Customer Service AGAIN. Asked pointed questions to make sure I had the right trains…she was very careful and said oh yes..your train (gave me the letter)  is coming in three minutes Southbound. Take it to such and such a stop (very specific) and you’ll be good. I was set.

Train shows up. We hop on it with 2.3 seconds to spare. I double check with the lady on the train and she says…nope. Wrong train but it’s okay…you can totally transfer at the first stop onto THIS train it’s totally easy. She walks me through it. I look at the map. She’s right, it is easy. I thank her and we get off the train. But theboy doesn’t want to and I have to physically drag him and I’m laughing my ass off at this point because all he wants to do is ride the train!

We easily make the transfer. Whew. Sitting on the train we are watching the stops go and they go and they go….and eventually…we are back to our second stop and well on our way back HOME> We never hear our destination stop. Ever.

At this point I decide I’m so over trying to find the freaking stop that takes me to our destination I figure it’s divine intervention. The goal today was two fold. The main goal was theboy gets to ride the train. The secondary and least important goal was my errand to return something. Eh. I can use the car tomorrow. I voted to do that.

Our day in numbers:

Three customer service phone calls making sure I had the right information

Three innocent bystanders who seemed well informed on what they were talking about

Five trains/five transfers

$13 dollars

two tickets

Zero returns to the store

Perfect day ever because he was SO HAPPY the whole day

My view of theboy pretty much the whole time…


Sean’s last day of work was yesterday, he had a going away party last night at a BJ’s Brewery. I couldn’t find my keys anywhere and as I tore the house apart trying to find them, Eliot sat on the floor playing with legos and not getting his shoes. I went to the car to look there and Eliot declared he was coming, too! By then I was already out there so the door was left open…and Malachi followed.

So now Malachi is running around loose, I can’t find my keys, Eliot doesn’t have his shoes on, I’m already 15 minutes late and I’m pretty sure I could use the alcohol I bet they are all consuming right now.

Deep breaths.

One thing at a time.

I come in the house, grab the spare keys from the drawer.

Go to the front door and open it, leaving it open.

Malachi makes his way in because he’s lumbering like that.

Back to the car with the shoes…Eliot gets in his car seat…I put his shoes on…

one thing at a time…

Lock the house…straighten up…get in the car…breathe deep.

It’s been a day. 

We back out, drive down the block and around the corner and stop at the stop light and theboy says, “this is taking a long time”. 

Am I still on the train? I think I’m still on the train.


This article is very me. Not right this second because I haven’t been right since I gave my notice at my job but I feel like today and tomorrow…I’m going to find my groove and get myself back. I miss me so much.

The 12 Habits Of People With Homes That Are Always Clean

I generally do #1-8 but #9-11 is a little iffy. I definitely think #12 is good and I use that a lot.

For the record…my house is never always clean. But when I’m on schedule it’s definitely better than it has been.

I’m ready for chaos to be kicked out.


If I get a chance I’m going back to the gym today and some yoga and cardio. Big dreams for the day and lots to do.

We’ll see!!

Alex said I can skip the squats and do the leg press instead because the squat bar keeps  giving me a bruise on my spine.

Am I doing it wrong? Possibly. Is it just me?


At the very least…we’re doing cardio today because walking with Miss Hollie feels SO GOOD.

We need to moveitmoveit

animation animated GIF


Yep. That.

Run on…

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  1. He had SO MUCH FUN I didn’t even care. I wasn’t worried I was just grateful he was having fun. By the third train I figured…hell, if we never get there he’s having a great time and I went with that. Plus whenever he acted up I told him he had to behave or I’d call Miss Andrea and have her come pick us up. He straightened right up! LOL

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