My Vivofit is angry at me and I don’t know why. Story of my life.

First let’s tackle this.

My blog apparently has had a grudge against me and we NEVER KNEW IT>

I have a friend who has been trying to subscribe for WEEKS and every time she puts her email in and anxiously awaits the confirmation email back…it doesn’t come.

So I had MT (always handy, those children. I knew there was a reason to keep having them. See Mom? You questioned that third one) try with his email and surprise surprise…there was no confirmation email.

They both use gmail so we began to get a little suspicious of Google.

So Sean tested it with HIS email and it worked.

So he tested it with his OTHER email and it worked.

So now it looks like I have more subscribers. I’m going to open 100 more emails under pseudonyms and subscribe under those so I’ll be super popular. And to up the interesting I’ll even selfie under disguises… HA! You know that would be fun.

The WHOLE POINT of this is if you have TRIED to subscribe and it hasn’t worked if you could shoot me an email at or comment below that would be great. Then I’ll know if it’s just this one friend and MT who are having trouble. Or if it’s just gmail. or if it’s just the planets being out of whack..the Blood Moon.  Whatever.


I bought a Garmin Vivofit2

First I tormented all of my friends that had one to see if I should by the Vivofit2 or the newer Garmin. I mean…really. they are SO different and will I use all the different features? But my ~I don’t work anymore and my husband’s car is dead and we have to replace a computer and oh yeah we have to go to NYC this weekend because we forgot and this month is Shaughnessy’s birthday, then it’s Adam’s, then it’s theboy’s, then it’s Jesus’s, then it’s Sean’s then it’s MT’s~ budget is not cooperating with my desire for that dang Garmin. So I shall wait. I am patient and my need is not great. Truthfully my want is not great either. It’s just one of those hmm…that would be pretty. I can’t even use it right now! Easy decision.

So I bought the Vivofit2 which is supposed to beep at you when you stop moving for an hour I guess? It’s a reminder to get off your butt and move it move it.  But for some reason I get like a little beep/vibrate thing when I’m full on booking it through the house doing laundry or something. What the hell? Also…I have no idea what those beeps mean. I keep googling. It keeps not answering.  I definitely feel like it’s unhappy with me.  But it must be a man because it won’t open up and tell me what it’s feeling.

I’m going to keep googling and reading. I have a lot going on. My life is complicated right now.


My goal this weekend was to find my house and I really truly did find a lot of it.

Last night I cleaned my second bathroom and decided to start painting it. What a relief. I figured I’d work on it some more today.


So..I had a business call to make today.

It was awkward.

It had a little business and a little personal to it so I opened with talking to her about her running, something we had in common.

We went from there to talking about why I called.

I ended up feeling so uncomfortable I was really sorry I even attempted the call.

It was one of those situations there was no change to be had. You were simply criticizing and that is the only way they would take it.

I was disappointed in the direction they took and I’m sure they are thinking…whoa. Chick is high maintenance.

No. Chick just likes things done very detailed. So if you have one customer that has an issue, maybe that’s something that should be addressed. Just a thought.  Customer service. Respect.
personal animated GIF
Yeah…that’s about the attitude I got, too. “so we’re done here?”
um…I guess.

Pretty sure I got dismissed.

She tried to ease things up by talking about MY running and I thought…no. I’m not really into this conversation. Are you seriously trying to small talk me? No. Not after that dismissal.
My goal today is to get some exercise (probably take a mind clearing walk) and do some yoga to stretch my legs out…my ever and always tight legs, finish at least one project. ONE PROJECT.

Montana left for his second class today and saw me standing here in sweats at 11am and said…”I wish I could do that!”

Yeah…I feel gross so I won’t be doing it long. But this morning it was perfect. 


Good luck to Sean today..first day at his new job! 🙂


Run on…