It’s been an emotional week, but I’m still happy. Is that possible? I think so.

I spent some time today just going over what was bothering me about that little business thing I had to deal with yesterday.

I’d tell you the details but they weren’t really important. It was more the outskirts of the situation that mattered.

What mattered was this:

I presented a situation I wasn’t clear on and what came back was defensiveness. Instead of recognizing I should be heard as a customer and listening to my concerns, she said, “In five years no one has ever criticized my form before.” 

I’m sorry?

I was summarily dismissed and made to feel like it was my problem. I presented this to my husband who is notoriously objective and he agreed the form we were discussing could definitely use some clarification.

It was disappointing. It was really…really disappointing. It clearly bothered me the whole day and that just doesn’t happen very often so I had to talk it out a little more. Thanks for hearing me.


I was supposed to walk with Miss Hollie Lollie Coconut today but unfortunately she got violently ill and decided throwing up would be her thing instead.

OR…it’s the best excuse EVER not to walk four miles with me. WhatEVER…

I’ve got my eye on you Miss Hollie.

So I didn’t get a walk in…nor my steps. But I’m going to do some yoga because I’m super tight. Always. I’m always super tight.


Sean started his new job today and it’s world’s away from his old job. For the first time in nearly 30 years of marriage I can call him on his cell phone at work…he won’t have a pager (yes Folks, a pager) to be reached.  He worked in a vault. It was the only way to reach him in there and hello..sometimes even that didn’t work. I technically can see his office if I want to..THAT’S never happened. And he can wear shorts and flip flops to work. Although that would be a sight. I’d like to see him go to work in flip flops. Ha. It’s quite the atmosphere.

The biggest change??  it’s a Mac world now People…a Mac world.

He seems to be adjusting quite nicely…are we surprised??  Nope.  Just a new toy…


Lets talk Cheerios.

A few months ago Cheerios announced they were going gluten-free. Like seriously big deal Celiac gluten-free.

They shared how they were making the process happen.  They were open about it because they really wanted the Celiac community and their support.

Gluten Free cheerios are made of gluten-free oats instead of normal oats.

This means they are contaminated with wheat and barley and they have to mechanically remove the grains until the result is 20ppm (parts per million)  or under. This is the legal limit.

which cheerios are gluten free


Then to test this General Mills has chosen, unfortunately, “mean testing”.

They take multiple boxes of Cheerios and mix them together then test that batch. So let’s say you have 10 boxes at 10ppm and one box at 80 ppm. Doing the math (10×10=100+80=180/11=16.363) this comes to 16.363.  Under the allowable 20ppm. So all the boxes are allowed. If that 80ppm gets onto the shelf…someone is sick…very sick.

This is an unfortunate choice for testing.

Then we get to today’s announcement. 

Embedded image permalink

This was tweeted by Cheerios today. And on the news. And on Facebook. And I’m sure everywhere it can possibly be. Because hello…that’s a LOT of cereal.

I have not eaten Cheerios. I don’t and I won’t. I don’t love cereal anyway, never really have and eat it very VERY rarely. But when I do, Cheerios was never my go to choice. I’m certainly not comfortable with how they have chosen to produce it, however. I think their heart is in the right place but that doesn’t give me much comfort that everything is being done to make sure my health is first and foremost their top consideration. Exhibit A would be the recall.

It’s just not worth it.

Please be careful of your choices out there. Just because it says gluten free doesn’t necessarily mean it has been done correctly. Do your research. Eating less processed food in general is the safest choice of all.


Generally speaking I’ve had a mixed emotional week. I think that’s been obvious.

The history with my dad’s family.

I am beyond not running, my legs go back and forth between not hurting and hurting so it’s a roller coaster.

This ridiculous business thing that obviously weighed on me. I clearly put too much stock into these things.

And really I don’t even want to talk about what the hell my hair is doing right now.

But hey…

we can choose to be happy. These things are inconsequential things that do not rule our world.

Well except that no running thing. That’s important.

But the other things…NOT IMPORTANT>

So I may come on here with a down day. Or two.

But I am still ridiculously happy, don’t ever doubt that for a second.

Happier than a bird with a french fry...because happiness is a choice I make, based on a grateful heart.:

Run on….and go an extra mile for me, would you? Thanks!!

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