Chicago is HERE! Michelle is running it and rocking it!

Michelle leaves for CHICAGO TODAY!!! I am SO excited (and not gonna lie super sad I’m not running it with her. Running a marathon is HARD and running is alone is HARDER.  But she is awesome and has totally handled her training like a rockstar so I am excited to be giving her text message support in the form of obnoxious signs I should be holding up that she would totally be missing as she ran by and also in the form of Johnny Depp images. Because Johnny Depp.

Flashback to NYCM and you know what she’s going to miss???? That awesome Dunkin’ Donuts hat of mine.  She was super jealous of it. She had to settle for her NYCM hat…she was forced to buy the last one. It was sad. Mine was free off the streets. Clearly God loves me. (Michelle…text me! I’ll bring it to the airport if you decide you want it for Chicago!  77* is perfect weather for it!)


Miss G and I headed out again this morning and it’s such a lovely way to start the morning we decided to meet again Friday.  The walking is great and I feel really good getting out and moving.

Although in all honesty I’ve had migraine after migraine. I’m pretty over that.

I’d like to say it’s the Whole30 but I don’t think you can have a migraine when you’ve only been eating this way for 24 hours. LOL  Especially when the migraine has been around for a week or so on and off. Feel free to move on Migraine Guy…

Maybe I could blame it on the Blood Moon.

Super Blood Moon

~photo by Tim Durkan (isn’t this INCREDIBLE? Here’s an interview he did on how he took this amazing photo I randomly came across while searching for a smart ass answer to my migraine problems…if you’re interested…cause I was)

On a side SIDE note:  We get to pick insurance today. Or should I say, we get to sign up for the insurance company they have today. THAT was scary. We’ve always had choices and this company (fabulous though they are) only has one. Hope it’s good.  I know…beggars can’t be choosers and I should be grateful and oh my gosh how elitist do I sound…yes. All of that. I am completely all of that. I’m mostly just thinking..okay. How much do I have to rebuild my personal healthcare if my own doctor group doesn’t take my new insurance? But they do take it so that’s one giant step forward.

Sean spent the day trying to figure out the best one that would work for his super high maintenance wife (now that’s love…forget diamonds) and finally decided he needed to call them.
So tomorrow morning we try again. I have faith. Tomorrow we WILL have insurance.



Tonight I made baby steps in the house. I started sorting some projects that hopefully I can finally get organized and finish. FINISH.

Yeah, I’m not TOO hopeful but I did get some little things done. I had these little homemade picture frames that Shaughnessy and Adam gave me a few years ago and I didn’t have photos I really thought worked in them. I did finally get some that suited them and I found a good spot.  THAT was a good feeling. Ridiculous I know. But I felt so bad not hanging these before as there was much love put into them.

And if there wasn’t well at least there was time and attention. HA.

Baby steps on those GIANT LISTS of projects.

I need to foam roll and trigger point my Achilles so I think I’ll ditch after this quickie and go take care of that. I’m feeling sad tonight so I’m hangin’ out in my beloved sweatshirt.  Before you know it…it’ll be tomorrow .

Or maybe it already is.


With the Whole30 we’re hoping to do a little of both. Hoping. Sean so far is not on board. Starting day 3 today…

Run on…

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