Sunday, October 11th, otherwise known as Chicago Marathon Day!! Good luck to Michelle :)



Hey Baby…Michelle is running this morning and I am pretty freaking excited for her.  I think my energy and excitement alone should carry her through the race!  Okay, she trained a lot.  Let’s give credit where credit is due.

Girl worked hard…

She trained with the Hanson Method and that takes you to 16 mile long runs with a LOT of mileage. She was really nervous that her long runs should have been at least 20 miles. Most marathoners feel that way. She finally decided to mix it up with the Galloway Method just to make sure she had some assistance to get through the race. It’s so helpful running a race with someone and with me bailing on her she was on her own to find her own way.  I think she’ll be strong.


Sean and I attempted the Manitou Springs Incline today.

Attempted being the operative word.

We’ll try again another day.  It was not our best day.  Also…my Achilles did not find it friendly.

Which brings us to the Whole30.

We’ve been doing really well on it. No real issues. I have lots of options in the house to eat and no problems with preparing the food.

The only glitches we’ve had were small and mostly inconsequential.

I haven’t had any problems with the diet except it prefers you to cook with coconut oil and unfortunately it seems to make me sick.

A year or so ago I swigged a shot glass of coconut oil and man I haven’t been the same since. It makes me so sick. Last night I made some cut up roasted potatoes with coconut oil and I was sick most of the night. Tonight I reheated the leftovers and ate them thinking it was something else that made me sick.

Nope…they came right back up. So unfriendly.

So I just opted not to eat. Frankly I wasn’t really that hungry anyway. ::shudder::

Sean is doing okay on it but he had a wicked headache the second day and today he was severely (and I mean….severely) lightheaded.


we didn’t love that.

We decided to maybe make a few adjustments with the caveat that we can always go back if we need to.

He takes meds and I’d rather he not (hence the reason for the Whole30 to begin with) and I want him off of them. So we’re going to tweak some things, cut out a majority of the bad diet anyway but add a few things back in. Schedule an appt with a doctor and make sure he is doing okay. And meanwhile hope he feels a little better.

Sean has this unbelievable energy for hiking and climbing and in 30 years of knowing him he’s never had a problem totally smoking me on a mountain. I definitely want to make sure he’s doing okay.

***So to summarize***
It totally ticked Sean off that we didn’t complete the incline. I mean…good heavens we did the Heavy Half in Leadville. It’s ridiculous that we couldn’t do the Incline. Though to be completely fair it’s NOT an easy climb. It still made him mad and he’s already planning another trip.
We mutually (not too mutually, I kind of decided without him and halfway talked him into it) agreed to back away from the Whole30 as I’m concerned it’s a little much for us right now.  We are still cutting a lot of things out to see what might be upsetting his stomach and we’ll go from there.

If it continues, we’ll reconsider.


Editing to say my darling and most wonderful friend Erin (you guys remember her from Make.Believe) is running a half marathon today and that’s a BIG DEAL. I’m embarrassed that I forgot and have no excuses. She’s worked hard to get here. It’s been a long time for her and I’m excited. So far she’s doing great!!  Lots of good luck to her!

I also have four friends running in Wichita today…the Prairie Fire Marathon and the Prairie Fire Half Marathon! 

Good luck to Dawn running the marathon and good luck to Kat, Amy and Kristen running the half!  You guys will be awesome and I hope you’re having SO much fun!!

Run strong Ladies!~

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    1. Love you, too! Michelle did a great job without me and she’s excited to run it next year so I’m not going to be too sad. I’m SO happy she did a great job. 🙂

    1. Yeah…who knew? Ha. You mean the belated race love? You did so great! I’m so happy for you. Nice job!

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