Two marathoners, three half marathoners, and an IRONMAN…yeah, these are my friends. And this was just yesterday

Michelle did great at the Chicago Marathon yesterday…


She came in at 5:06 which is a one minute PR from NY last year but more important she NEVER hit the wall and she felt awesome. Apparently Chicago is the marathon to run. A lovely flat course and this year they got the message from NYC and  were kind enough to leave the 40mph winds at home. Oh the irony…the Windy City…ha.  Hope she’s prepared to run it again next year because she has to run it with me. I know she knows that but I’ll be reminding her on a regular basis. That year goes fast.

So yesterday the following people in my circle of friends successfully finished races.  Michelle, Jennifer, Kat, Erin, Amy, Dawn, and Kristen. That’s JUST YESTERDAY>

Wanna know what they did???

You know you do.

Michelle finished Chicago. We know. We’ve been talking about that.

Erin finished her most awesome half marathon that I THINK is the Towpath Half Marathon and looks GORGEOUS with the fall leaves. It was apparently selected as one of the most beautiful races in America. I should so get myself back to Cleveland. *Things I never thought I’d say. update: she says yes…that’s the race. And she’s very sorry she didn’t stop teaching her class to answer her private message that it is in fact that race. She really should be. Priorities.  Geez Erin.

Kat, Amy and Kristen finished a half marathon in Wichita (the Prairie Fire)

Dawn ran the FULL marathon in Wichita…see above…

And Miss Jennifer is now an IRONMAN. That’s right. If you are unaware….she woke up yesterday and decided to purposefully swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles…because she could. Oh…and she trained for like…six months or so.

I am in awe.  

I am so proud to know these amazing women who take care of their bodies and keep themselves fit. They  recognize that this is the body they get and it’s important to take care of it, learn it,  know it inside and out in order to get the best results out of it. They do push themselves. They get up early. They work out before work. They eat right. They make sacrifices. But they also eat dessert and have a social life…so it IS possible to be happy and eat cake.

I love the fitness world. People who just love the feeling of moving and being fit.


Sean and I sanded the deck yesterday (okay…Sean sanded the deck yesterday and I stood there like Vanna and held the cord up) …it looks awesome and this week I’ll throw the stain down on it to protect it so we can finish it up for the winter. It feels good to be finishing this project. Think we’ve been a little busy this year?

We have alot to do on it with the railings but it should go much faster now…the worst is over.


Sean is feeling a little better today. He didn’t go all out crazy yesterday on non Whole30 food in case everyone was thinking that. If anyone did that, I did! ha. I made cornbread last night and I love cornbread. I ate half the pan. No guilt. It was delicious.

He does feel better though…so I do think easing into things is a better idea.

I’m going to get a massage today on my legs. See if I can try a few different things this week.

I figured I’d start with that.  I’m pretty over this and the pain is awful.

I have a LOT of energy in the morning and not being able to hop out of bed and get moving is so frustrating. I’m hoping to make great strides this week. No pun intended? Maybe a little intended…


It’s Monday. The day a lot of people start diets, eating plans, new ways of living, whatever. Or maybe it’s just another Monday.

But this is a great day to move. Go for a run. Go to the gym. Go for a bike ride. It’s 80* in October (in Denver…I have no idea what it is anywhere else I’m a little self absorbed weather wise) so it’s perfect for being outside and enjoying the day.

We are blessed to be able to move at all, be grateful and recognize that.

Treat your body accordingly.

Run on…

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  1. Congrats to everyone!! What awesome stories.:)

    And thanks for the shout out! And that link is actually for the first race in the Towpath Trilogy. The half I ran is technically part of the Towpath Marathon. Confusing, huh?

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