So my son joined the Marines. I’m TOTALLY ok with that. Or I will be.

Wednesday…after discussing it for about three days…

this happened.


which seems incredibly hard to believe since the picture on Sean’s FB of MT directly before this photo was this one:


(I think he was cold and warming his hands but I can’t tell)

Can anyone explain to me how this child can be joining the Marines?

Yeah, me either.

Technically the Marine Reserves. He doesn’t go to boot camp until May when he finishes his associates degree at school but it still feels so fast.

See the deal is…he had a plan.

He had. a plan.

And then he stopped in to ask them if having a  simple surgical procedure for his allergies, outpatient no less, would affect him getting in to the military.

And the rest is history.

The recruiters got his contact info and did their job and three days later…

he’s joining the Marine Reserves and the plan is gone.


When Alexander joined the Marines he was in a place of limbo and needed some direction. He’d had some pretty serious disruption to his world a few years before that tilted everything and the result was one lost kid. So he threw his plans out and decided to join the Marines. We had a phrase we used when we described his decision. We would tell people “we don’t love it and we don’t hate it”. It really just summed it up.

Alex Michael will tell you he doesn’t regret joining and he didn’t love it and he didn’t hate it. So there you go. He was and is proud to be a Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine. He doesn’t miss it.


I don’t want anyone to think we will be less proud of MT in any way. We are incredibly proud of him. Proud of his choice to defend his country and proud of him always. 

MT is not lost.  He has known the direction he’s going for a long time.  This was a very sudden three day turn that came without any discussion with us. By the time it got to us he was convinced.

We met for breakfast with Shaughnessy and Adam (yep theboy was there but not much help) and Alex on Sunday. It was such a moment of family. We all sat at this round table and we talked and laughed and familied(I declare this a word). We threw a barrage of questions and suggestions at him and encouraged him to hold off. Wait a few weeks. Investigate all his options, look at what all the branches have to offer and then in the end if this is still the right result then at least you’ve given the seriousness of the situation the appropriate time it deserves.

Unfortunately the recruiters “sense of urgency” won out. This is what worries us. As recruiters are well known to be highly respected members of society (::sarcasm::)  we just don’t know how much we can trust this guy. And unfortunately we are the only ones with MT’s best interest at heart. WE ARE.

As you can probably tell, I didn’t handle it was well as one might hope.

I expressed my displeasure to the recruiter- who looked VERY young I might add-and no I don’t really feel bad. He needs to learn there will be unhappy people and that he affects everyone with his actions. These are decisions that affect these kids for years and for life. Three days is a ridiculously short amount of time to make a decision like this.

NO ONE will EVER care as much about MT as we do. No one.

Well..maybe his wife someday…maybe.

So we’re putting all of our trust in this guy who really could CARE LESS about the outcome of THIS KID who is everything in the world to us. 



The plan is for him to finish his associate’s degree, then go to boot camp, combat school (a mother’s dream) and then off to his tech school (it’s not called that but I am calling it that for explanation purposes) which will actually be something that would benefit him toward his long term career goal. It’s all a little too good to be true.  This will all last about a year and a half.

On a side note, that’s our year and a half he’s getting. We aren’t those “empty nest” parents who can’t stand the thought of their kids leaving home but we do love our kids and enjoy the time we do have them. And we were going to get him for that time. We had it in the schedule. It was in the plan. And now it’s gone. I had plans for that time and now that’s gone too. Trips in the works. Events planned.

Gone. I’ve been robbed of the most valuable thing I have. Time.

Then he comes back and goes back to school to finish his bachelor’s and after that there’s a bit up in the air.

The end result in a perfect world would be he becomes an officer.

He’s pretty good so that should happen.

But time happens too and he may change his mind.

Hell…give him three days.

We all have decided that we are stressing a bit much about this and it’s all really in God’s hands so we have to let him handle the grand plan.

Also, MT has a bit of an attitude. Naturally he wants us all to be as happy about this as he is.  It’s kind of been a week.


Thanks for putting up with my absence… I needed a few days to process things. Sean was good enough to post the photo on his FB and I just couldn’t look at everyone congratulating him and telling him how awesome it was.

He reads my blog and he knows how I feel about the situation. He knows I love him madly and I just worry about him. And he knows that everyone says the Marine will make a man out of you but hell no.  We worked our asses off to make a man out of him. And he was born a pretty terrific person anyway. The Marines may refine a few things, teach him a few things, but he is already kind of awesome.


Find your tribe. Love them hard. TruthBomb. Friends. Family.:


Also, I must be feeling better because this t shirt made me laugh out loud.

Don't Stress Meowt!:

Run on!

p.s… I went to an acupuncturist and it was great. I love him! I visited Little Saigon in Denver. I definitely stood out. LOL I’ll tell it tomorrow! 

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  1. Had to look at that T-shirt several times…finally I got it. Still sleeping I think. Ah so true what you said…they stole your time. I have no respect for recruiters and you are correct, nobody will ever care about him like his family does. I love him and am so proud of him, Alex and Shaughnessy. I know he will do great with his life. Just wish they would have given him time to grow up a bit.

    1. I totally missed this. I’m sorry…
      That t shirt made me laugh so hard. Ridiculous, I know.
      Yes, they stole my time and it makes me sad. But what’s done is done and now we’re moving forward. I was blessed with three great kids. Can’t beat that.

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