Hogwarts Running Club? Virtual Hogwarts races with the coolest medals??? YES PLEASE! Also…I totally saw the best acupuncturist…the best.

Award for longest title ever. But I had SO MUCH TO SAY> That’s all.
So first things first…I was reading Running off the Reeses yesterday and check this out she introduced me to THIS

I’ve died and gone to heaven.

Yes, I’m injured and I STILL registered for four virtual races because I get to run at my own time and I get the coolest Hogwarts medals and whatever Harry Potter forever.

The Hogwarts Running Club??  YES PLEASE!  Here’s the link to the website if you are at all as obsessed as the rest of my friends are.

I can’t wait to get my medals. I’m ridiculously excited. It takes so little.

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Today I finished staining my deck. I know you are all thinking…Good LORD>>>

Didn’t they freaking start that deck in like…JUNE?

Hey now…rude.

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We’ve been BUSY.

Bank got taken over by the Feds.

Quit my job.

Husband got new job.

New York.

Kid in the Marines.

I mean…there was no time.

How do Ya’ll GET these projects DONE?

I am so hiring someone next time. It is so worth it just to finish. I don’t even have the railing on. I just had to get the basics done so I wouldn’t stress about that with the upcoming weather and all.


I went to the acupuncturist yesterday.  It was with much trepidation because I don’t like new situations where I’m out of my element.

So I had to bite the bullet and do what made me uncomfortable.

If I ever had a mantra it would be do what you’re afraid of. 

His name is Dr. Fu and he is an O.M.D. and a PH.D. so he seems highly qualified. Also, I really like him.

First, I had to find him. His establishment was clear across Denver, so I followed Google Maps (my friend gave me the address) and hoped it got me there.

As I got closer, I got more nervous.

As a matter of fact, I was in Little Saigon. The sign said, “Welcome to Little Saigon”. That was my first clue.

Strip malls everywhere. The average strip mall, which you would think would house maybe ten businesses, actually had more like twenty. It was CRAZY.The address sent me to a grocery store so I text my friend and awkwardly tell her…this is a grocery store. I want to tell her there are several Chinese people staring at me wondering why I’m there. I’m fairly certain I am the only white person within a four block radius. And I’m being generous. Also, why did you send me to a grocery store (side note: he owns the grocery store AND his pharmacy so when she googled him..it sent her this address).

I finally call my old bank (he has an  account there) and talk to one of our Chinese employees, Yulie. I tell her I’m looking for Mr. Fu’s business but I was led to the grocery store.

“Oh!” she says. “Two door down!”

She hasn’t been in the country very long so her English, though really good, isn’t perfect. She struggles with tenses and plurals and such. I love her.

I go two doors down.

“That’s a hair cutting place, Yulie”

‘One more door down!”

“That’s a construction zone”

“one more down!”

She one more door downed me for five doors.

“Indochina Ginseng?”

“That’s it!”

Well Praise the Lord. I thought I’d never find it.

I was a little late for my appointment but it’s okay. He didn’t know he HAD an appointment. His wife found this pretty damn funny. Which also made me laugh.

He has a Chinese pharmacy so he had a long store with cabinets filled with boxes and boxes of drugs in Chinese.

That was…comforting. haha.

We went to his “office” which consisted of a room partitioned off with no door but walls that didn’t go to the ceiling. I didn’t care. It had a desk and a chair and it was fine.

He got out his paper and made lots of notes in Chinese and he took my blood pressure and listened to my heart. He asked why I was there and asked about my health history.

I was there to see him to see if he could help my Achilles Tendinitis. But Tendinitis is common with Hypothyroidism and Celiac is connected to that.  This led to the migraines and then…he wanted to fix the migraines.

That’s how you know he’s really a doctor. Every doctor wants to be the one to cure my migraines. Also, he knew what Celiac was. I was surprised.

Dude…fix my Achilles. I’ll be happy.

So we go to the next room across the “hall” and he has a table with a cabinet, etc. I set my purse on a chair (this is important) nowhere near me and lie on the table. He looks at my feet and then at my head and takes a light to look in my mouth and in my eyes.

He said he sees the membrane in my eyes that is around my brain and he cannot fix my migraines. He said he might be able to give me some relief but they are genetic, they are in my DNA so he cannot fix them. 

My neurologist basically said the same thing. So there you go.

He said I have a lot of acid in my stomach and I need to eat more and I need to eat small meals more often. I told him the Celiac makes me throw up sometimes. He thought that was interesting. I thought what he said was interesting. We were both learning.

He handed me a pill with a cup of water and told me to take it. I had a brief moment of “my mother always told me never to do this” and “I’m pretty sure NO ONE knows I’m here…oh wait..maybe Solongo does…hmm” and then I totally took that sucker. I found him very trustworthy. I figured he wasn’t out to knock me out and cut me into little pieces.

Then he put lots of needles in me. He did stop and ask if they hurt and I said no…that seemed to surprise him. I didn’t even feel most of them.

And finally he set a timer…told me he’d be back in TWENTY MINUTES and left.

Oh Holy Lord. Did he say twenty minutes?   He totally didn’t say twenty minutes. Can I have my phone???? I have to lie there and stare at the ceiling for twenty minutes?  What am I going to do??   I actually kind of had a little panic attack. I don’t lie still well. It freaked me out. I just…didn’t know what to do.

Finally in a moment of desperation…I began to count. So I counted to sixty…twenty times.

At which point the timer went off and played Christmas music.

And then he came back and we talked about Christmas coming sooner and sooner every year.  He took the needles out and I was done. I went to the counter and paid and he had three little packets of unidentifiable medications for me which I took, he told me they were a weeks worth, he apologized for the cost of the visit ($134 to include three packets of meds at $9.95 a packet) and that was that.

I left feeling very much like it was worth it if only for the novelty and experience of it but also feeling very much like it was good. I would totally go back and I loved him. I think he did know what he was doing. He was knowledgeable and kind and a great alternative. And I think if you’re going to see an acupuncturist then seeing a highly qualified Dr. Fu in Little Saigon is the best way to go. I felt pretty legit.

That night I looked at my well marked med packets and one of them just bugged me because it looked familiar. Way too familiar.   I finally was able to see there were numbers on it. I googled the numbers and he had given me Ibuprofen. LOL. I did laugh pretty hard at that.

The other two were definitely not Ibuprofen. I couldn’t identify them. But I did find that pretty funny. Especially since I have a cupboard full of Ibuprofen. Can I get my $9.95 back?

So finally here’s the verdict…DID IT HELP???

Yes. I definitely think it helped. This is the second morning I’ve gotten up with VIRTUALLY no pain. If you’ve EVER had Achilles Tendinitis then you know you actually can’t walk in the morning especially. Like…you get out of bed and are crippled. It’s a horribly painful feeling and miserable for me as I live life on speed. There is still a little pain on the right side (the bad side) so I’m going to baby it for the week and probably go back to him for one more treatment if it doesn’t improve. I’m also going to get another massage because that girl found some serious knots in my right leg.

But I loved it and thought it was totally worth it. If it comes flying back I’ll let you guys know.


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Run on…virtually or for reals. Have a great run. 

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  1. My friend Erin does those virtual races!!

    Glad the acupuncture helped. Seems like quite an adventure! (My cousin is an acupuncturist, but sadly lives too far away for me to see her regularly for anything)

    1. Well, and if she’s not a little old Chinese man does it really count? I mean… Points for legitimacy here. LOL Best experience ever.

  2. Haha. You should totally go back if you think it helped even a little bit. You have been dealing with this for waaay too long.

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