Sweet list! <3

  1.  I ran. Runnin’ again this morning. Or…trying. eek. I only ran once and I’m still working through some wicked pain but I have so SO much progress I am beyond happy.
  2. Being in motion has been really good for my soul. I mean, I’m not running but I’m still much happier. I’m so grateful for being able to move and for Miss Hollie and Miss Gloria for letting me walk and run with them.
  3. I’ve been tracking my food on Myfitnesspal. It helps me with remembering to eat (remember Dr. Fu told me I have to remember to eat? and I have to eat six small meals a day…I’m still working on that one). I was going to disable Myfitnesspal’s trigger that reminds me to “log my breakfast” etc. but then I thought if it reminds me then maybe I’ll remember to eat. 
  4. We have had health insurance since Sean’s first day at his new job but the numbers and helpful information to pass on to doctors…that info has been a big government secret. Probably only China knew what it was. Well hello...this week we cracked the code and we got in on the info. I mean, we don’t have cards yet but we got enough info I was able to let a few doctors in on the secret.  It was enough excitement I was ready to Snoopy dance.
  5. Sean and I had not one but TWO dates this week thankyouverymuch. He took me to see Everest (I know, we already talked about that but it was important). And today he took me to PF Chang’s. I could die they are so good. SO GOOD.
  6. I got to hang with theboy Friday and yesterday, too. I took NO photos!  We made traffic light cookies and I bribed him and told him we’d make them again and he likes me best in the whole world except for his mom and dad. There is no correlation there at all. None. p.s. Traffic Light Cookies are 1/4 Graham Cracker, Nutella, and three M&Ms …red, yellow and green.
  7. Kat, Kristen and I registered for the Rocky Mountain Half Marathon today! and in a surprise move…Sean did, too! This year they added a 5k on Friday and we’re doin’ that, too. We’ve talked it up quite a bit and as long as he’s going to be there anyway hiking it with us…well he might as well join us in the running. Pretty sure the earth came to a screaching halt (did you feel that earlier this morning?) but it started back up again. I love this race so much.
    1. Bonus! We were just notified we got a free t shirt for registering super fast for the race! It’s possible we’re addicted and we have a problem.  I would go even if I couldn’t run. I’d totally volunteer.
  8. Um…Gilmore Girls  marathon!!  shutthefrontdoor. 
  9. Boots weather!!!  I think I need new boots. I mean, I have one cute  pair but…it’s boots weather. I might need another pair. I just think it’s kind of necessary. Think low heels, Teresa, think low heels.
  10. Adele brought us new music! Thank you,  Adele,  for bringing this to us.   Hello, by Adele.
  11. Okay so this is an odd one but Hurricane Patricia.  Can we just have a collective Praise the Lord for this (or your own happy word choice)?  I mean…wow.  This was supposed to be the strongest hurricane ever recorded.  They didn’t even know what to expect with the winds and the rain and the force of it hitting land. The devastation and havoc…and instead … it just didn’t. I think I heard the whole world breathe a huge sigh of relief.  I think the world needed one natural disaster to just give us a freakin’ break. It still hit hard and they are still feeling it but wow. Could have been way worse.
  12. I’ve nearly finished two projects this week. I’m THISCLOSE> I actually thought I’d be done by now but life intervened again. Nevertheless I think it’ll be done in the next few days and that makes me beyond thrilled. One of the things I need to do is make a projects list..and updated one and get my little butt moving.

Gluten free baking. I made Shaughnessy an actual from scratch birthday cake.  I think it’s the first scratch birthday cake I’ve ever made in my life. I am mother of the year. I KNOW.  We just always bought the giant cakes from the store so we’d have lots of leftovers to eat for days because…cake. And the kids LOVE ice cream cake from Dairy Queen so we get that a lot. I mean, it wasn’t because I don’t know how to cook or that I don’t bake..I love to bake. I just had other options. Anyway… Pumpkin spice with vanilla buttercream frosting. Full disclosure, I bought the frosting. Shaughnessy doesn’t like Cream Cheese frosting so I bought her favorite, the buttercream. This cake was really really good. Unfortunately, it’s really really good because it’s mostly put together with sugar (two cups), oil (one cup) and eggs (four). The two cups of pumpkin are awesome but after you’ve killed your system with the oil and the sugar you really feel too guilty to even think about the random benefit of the joyful pumpkin. We went out to eat at Beau Jo’s and had the greatest wait staff. The restaurant was good, the food was good and the cake was good. It was all around a great evening. I have no photographic evidence. If a tree falls in the forest, did the birthday dinner really happen?
yup…Sorry Folks.
1. Bonus:  I found my pajama pants.  I know how really curious you have been about this. But we can all breathe a deep sigh of relief.  They were in the wrong laundry. No clue why they were there. At least I found them.

Run on…

4 Replies to “Sweet list! <3”

  1. Yay for all this! (Related – I just took my gluten free chocolate chip pumpkin bars out of the oven. But they’re not totally from scratch).

    I also love boots. And am thinking about a new pair. Got any cute ones in mind?

    That’s so awesome about the half. I wish I knew what my life would be like that far in advance. I so want to join you!

    1. Oh my gosh those sound so good. That makes me seriously hungry for cookies. Or bars. Or cake. Or…really just anything.

      I don’t have any cute boots in mind. I just want new boots. Though I went shopping tonight while I was killing time and found a darling pair at Ross (of all places) and they only had a 5 1/2. So not helpful. I just don’t want a killer heel.

      I have no idea what I’m doing on July 30th…I’m just definitely going to be at the RMHM. It’s a totally fun place to be. 🙂 I WISH YOU COULD JOIN US.

      1. I’ll have to keep that race in mind! Will it sell out?

        Also – that’s lame about the boots! One time I got really lucky at Kohls and there were a super cute pair of boots on clearance. One pair. In my size! And they fit over my gigantic calf. (I, of course, bought them. And wear them all the time)

        1. Last year it did not, but there’s only 2000 slots and this year it may. I was shocked it didn’t last year. During the race last year it’s all I heard, people that loved the race talking about telling their friends and next year they’re all coming with groups and making a weekend of it. Hence, I wouldn’t be surprised.

          And I think that’s a law, isn’t it? When you come across one pair of super cute boots on clearance in your size and they fit? You have to buy them. It’s the law.

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