On the mend for realies…it’s a word.

I ran.

I yoga’d.

I protein’d.

When I ran I totally noticed my Achilles. They made themselves known.

Let’s all remember my running used to be in Brooks Adrenaline’s. They had a 12mm drop with an insert that had a 3mm insert I believe?

Now I’m wearing Newton’s Fate with a 4.5mm drop with no extra on my orthotics. This is kind of a big change for my poor Achilles to adjust to.

But I’ve been wearing them virtually nonstop to walk in for the last month as a sort of adjustment anyway and to help heal.

I ran in them for about two miles last week…intermittent. Lots of walking…no pain. (yay)

So yesterday I headed out on a run.

I know!


michael cera animated GIF

Purposely…on a run. I dressed out..put my Garmin on…blessed the day and thanked God for the opportunity and started running.

****What’s interesting here is that I feel so healthy Celiac wise that I actually ran virtually the entire 3 miles. I did stop for an Achilles check twice and for a stop light which I’m always grateful for. I know that’s anti running but whatever. I don’t care. You can judge me. In the past if I went six weeks without running I would drag myself through a mile stopping repeatedly…gasping for air…wheezing and cursing the need to start training again…it’s awful the restart, awful. It usually was weeks and weeks of questioning my own abilities. But this time I just ran. I flew through the first mile no problem. Continued on to the mile and a half and the hills weren’t even hard. It was so strange. I kept waiting for it to be hard.

I used to hear about people heading out for a run after not running for six months or a year and they struggled with their three or four miles and I would think in my head ~what is WRONG with me?~  I couldn’t EVER do that.  I had trouble if I didn’t run for a week. I do. not. exaggerate. Well frequently I do but not about this.This was a lightbulb while I was out running. This must be running for normal people. Normal healthy (healthier?) people who have systems that work with no side effects. People without those obnoxious autoimmune diseases. What’s THAT about?  #runnersenvy *****

I just chose to do two miles and see how the Achilles felt,  see if I could do it without hurting myself.  It felt pretty good (just a little aching) so I kept going to the 1.5 turnaround so I could make it three.

Look at me…showing off.

I can run.

The three miles felt really good and when I got home I spent the required time doing some good yoga stretching.

This is a huge glitch in the world of “let me just throw a run out”.

You know who you are…

You people that have to be somewhere in an hour so you throw out three or four miles, how do you do that?  I have to change my clothes, use the restroom, go for a run and then spend 15 or 20 minutes yoga’ing/stretching. I mean…that takes TIME.

I’m high maintenance.

Last night I did some research on the Newtons to see what I was in for today. They are kind of well known for working your Achilles but one of the co founders of the company, Danny Abshire,  is pretty much a running genius and he’s the one I spoke to when I went in. I’ve worked with him several times before and I’m always in awe of him. So I trusted and went with the shoe. So far it’s been great. In researching they were pretty honest that you need to ease into running in these guys and pretty soon you’ll just love them.

This morning I hopped out of bed (I love being able to do that again, thank you Dr. Fu- my acupuncturist)…and lo and behold…no Achilles pain! So I’m guessing the Achilles issues I was feeling yesterday when I was running were the normal adjusting I should feel with the shoes.

I took a very long post to say that and now I’m going to head out again and see what happens. Because I can. I can run.

Did I mention that?  Yep. I’m a runner. In case you didn’t know that…

Talk about beleaguering the point. Sorry Guys.

On another note:  I bought new capris when I went shoe shopping with Miss Hollie!  We went to Boulder Running Company in Cherry Creek.  

I love Boulder Running Company, Cherry Creek not so much. They’re very high end and I feel like I have to scan my credit card at the door to see if I’m allowed  in. But the BRC is a great store and the people are completely nice and really helpful. Also…bonus military discount. Cause you know…we come from the poor side of town. bahhahahaha.

I picked up some ridiculously expensive Nike capris. I sold my soul to get them but hey…they hold me in like I think Spanx does. Either they’re a size too small or they are really overachievers. I think overachiever.  True story, I’ve never worn Spanx. As hard as it is to get out of a sports bra I’m a little afraid I’d never get out of it. And that’s an image my husband does NOT need. >sorry Babe<



So upon reading the description it says it’s an extra snug fit (it is at that) so I won’t go unnoticed. What every woman wants. Whatever. They fit nice and feel good. And I’m not returning them so there.

The Brooks Adrenaline’s 16 are coming out. Sigh. I want them, too. People run in two different kinds of shoes, right?  I might buy both and see how it goes.

I love shoes.

I have got to get a job soon…this could get expensive.


HAHAHAH. I say this all the time.:

Run on…


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  1. Hahaha…we must protect our husbands. I’ve been married 26 years and he has seen me give birth to 2 children, but I always send him out of the room when I put on the Spanx. I could never pretend to be sexy again if he ever witnessed that sideshow.

    1. hahaha. yes! That’s what I’m afraid of. Sheesh. Just the thought of that image scares me. I did wait for him to leave the room to get dressed. Who knew if they would even fit? And that description! Stressing how tight they would be. Um..thanks? I tend to buy things bigger so…now I’m afraid. My poor husband.

    1. I know, right? I love new running things.

      I know NORMAL people can run in both but no one ever said I was normal. Right?

        1. I thought I replied to this but it must have been in my mind…LOL and no..we both know you aren’t normal. It was worth a shot though…

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