Migraines have taken the work right out of my workout. Gettin’ it back this morning.

Migraine/Botox update:

As we all may remember, I have been playing the insurance game for far too long. It wouldn’t be any big deal but it affects the migraine treatments I get and these days they have moved in, luggage and carry-ons, personal items included.

They’ll hang around for three or four or five days and then disappear for a few days or even a few weeks and then when I’m not looking they sneak attack right back in and smack me back into submission. It’s so rude.

The new insurance is in and working and my Botox doctor is working on approval right now. I have a tentative appointment for the end of November.

It’s going to be a long month.

In the grand scheme…I’ve lived without it my whole life but it was really nice to have the relief while I did….I say as I am currently dealing with a rather vicious little migraine that’s been plaguing me for about four days. I am totally drugging up tonight to hopefully kicks it’s sorry ass gone.

One can only hope.

>this was typed last night…it’s morning now and I do believe it may be finally gone. Collective knocking on wood can commence now please<


Due to said migraine there was no working out or running Wednesday at all.

Due to said migraine there was no working out or running Thursday morning.

I did, however, walk Thursday night with Miss Hollie who I missed desperately because I haven’t walked with her in for ~too long to remember ~ever.

And..she makes me laugh SO hard.

We walked and talked and froze my little ass off because it was cold. Fortunately I had stolen someone’s coat and wore that.  Coulda been Alex’s. Coulda been MT’s. They’re really interchangeable. And they own the same coat.

I know I’ve used that word a few times now…but I can’t be held responsible for what I say. I’m on narcotics. <past tense, it’s morning now and said narcotics have worn off… 

I love walking at night, it’s so peaceful. The park is a great place to walk with the rec center there. It’s always busy with people coming and going to the swim lessons and the trail that goes around the park is incredibly convenient.


It’s a warm and beautiful cold and holy arctic Batman 42* this morning with a high of 48*. Where the hell did fall go?

It’s a bit chilly. I am off to Miss Andrea’s to play on our computers but I’m running first. Because I missed it. I have a million phone calls to make first. I spent Monday on the phone and in the land of how can you possibly call yourself a professional…people don’t return calls.

I’ve never worked anywhere that I didn’t have to immediately return calls. And if I gave someone a message it was dated and timed and they were hot on getting that sucker returned.

Two days later…not cool. Is it a lack of patience? No. I don’t have a lot of patience but over the years I’ve definitely learned to refine that.  Being impatient doesn’t get me anywhere faster unfortunately. Just makes me more frustrated. Instead it’s that ~I’m on a time crunch and things need to be done so if you could maybe return my call that would be great.

update: phone call was returned. Pretty sure this was the situation. 

This is how I felt after talking to him. 

Clearly I need some of this:

I think instead I will go run.

Then I can go play at Andrea’s house.


Yesterday I had to take MT’s car to the mechanic to have a little work done on it and Andrea helped me drop it off. I bought her lunch to thank her and afterwards we did our traditional “let’s have lunch and oh look…it’s a shoe store” experience.

This is why we don’t have lunch very often.

I bought these…

It was a lovely five hours of reprieve from a migraine (it’s a long long drive across Denver and back again…I seriously owed her lunch…probably several times) and then about 6pm last night it hit again so I redrugged.

Probably Karma from the boots.


Run on…

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    1. Thanks! Some days are good, some days are slightly not as good but that’s okay…Right?
      Oh my gosh I was a complete sucker for the boots. I usually have more control but they were so cute I was out of control. Ha. Cheaper than running shoes!

    1. Migraines do suck. You know that for sure. I am mostly better…with shadows of pain lurking around like dementors just waiting for the right opportunity to attack.

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