Digging my way out of the murk.

I stayed up far too late last night working on a project but I think I may be finally finishing it.

I got a lot done yesterday and not a lot done…does that make sense?

I just have this general fog happening with this migraine and the drugs and overall I’m feeling not so great.

Then last night I ended up needing to just leave and be alone.

Now I just want to be left in my own head for awhile.

This should be easy, I have a lot of errands to run today that take me out of the house and away from most people. My favorite kind of day. At least until 4pm and then…

I’ll be at Theboy’s Halloween party. Ha.

We’re stealing him for the night so I’m going to the party to help out Shaughnessy and Adam and then bringing him home for the evening. This should be fun 🙂

Yup. let’s.

Walking with Miss Hollie tonight and then it’s the weekend.

Do you guys dress up for Halloween?  I’m a terrible parent and never liked Halloween. I find what people do with it is awful and I cannot stand being scared. So there you go. Pretty terrible mom there, so…I just let them dress up for school and we’d pass out candy but I have such bad nightmares in my daily life I can’t imagine adding Halloween to the mix. It’s a rough holiday for me. Par for the course it is my entire families favorite. 

On that note:  I gotta run and if I’m going to get through this day I need to really get the run in. Keepin’ it short today. Sorry Guys. I know how fascinating you find my words. I, too, cannot tear myself away.

Have a beautiful day and run on… 


2 Replies to “Digging my way out of the murk.”

  1. I liked Halloween as a kid and when my boy was up to 10. But, I have to say that I resent Halloween more every year because it’s always the nastiest/coldest day.

    We live in the city now. Hubby insisted that I go buy candy. I raced off yesterday to buy candy. Hubby will distribute. I want no part of spending my evening on my screened in porch freezing to hand out candy. Halloween isn’t my thing either. I wanted to go out to eat instead.

    From my point of view, Halloween seems big with adults and parties. Neither of us are into that.

    1. You know, I never even liked it as a kid, isn’t that interesting? I never liked the costumes. I always felt out of place. Always. Like no matter what I wore it was always horribly wrong and everyone was looking at me the wrong way.

      AS for the nastiest cold day…yep…it’s always cold. I just figure that comes with the territory. I never even thought of that!

      I love the happy kids. I love passing out the candy. I love buying and eating candy. So many things I like about it…happy fun pictures of cute bats and cute pumpkins and cartoon characters etc. But it just gets turned into such a dark holiday I lose interest fast. And neither of us are big socializers so we wouldn’t have any interest in parties. We do sound like a good time, don’t we? hahhaa.

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