Sweet Listing…<3

1.Trick or Treating with Shaughnessy and theboy #somuchcute

2.getting projects done #itsabouttime

3. Lunch with Andrea = shoe shopping #notoftenenough #canIhavenewbootswiththatsalad

4. Hunt for Red October on television. Sean Conley and Sean Connery..same, right? #truelovespylove


5. New audiobook from Audible. #cantbuyjustone #betterstopattwo

6. drugs when you need them #migraineshateme #drugsaremyfriend

7. health insurance #gratefulevergrateful

8. Skittles #tastetherainbow Although in all fairness I did find individual Gummies clearanced at Target. Sad day that they are clearanced but at least I got them cheap! I bought 15 of them. I’d like to go back and buy 15 more.

9. theboy teaching all of us to “be brave” #thisboy


10. running in the most amazing fall season with the leaves and the temps and the mountains and the joy #thankyoucolorado

11. Love this special on The History Channel about Alcatraz and the escape of Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin in 1962.  The big question…did John and Clarence really die in the escape or did they successfully escape and survive for years afterward possibly still being alive today. There are photos and DNA and exhuming of bodies. I don’t know if they come to any conclusions…I haven’t seen the end. But so far…it’s very good. I’m biased. I love anything having to do with Alcatraz. #swimboysswim #prisonaintnofun #islandliving

12. Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr. It’s a little hard core so I don’t consider it the Bible or anything but it has an amazing amount of information in it. Also a 21 day cleanse that I may do just to feel good. It seems to be remarkably similar to how I regularly eat so I don’t think it’ll be too horribly painful. #eatingclean #momentofsilenceforskittles

13. Qdoba when I have the worst migraine. Sean to go get it for me. Sleep. It makes a bad day better. #mexicanfoodforever #iliveforsalsa


Run on…