Which holiday is it again? Cause I love them all…

OH my gosh I went to Target and they have Christmas out.

I love it and I want it all.

The blankets and pillows and ornaments and stockings and lights and garland and dishes and wrapping and bows and it’s all just 

so pretty!

And Target is the WORST~ They have those beautiful BOXES in their gift wrap section. This year the colors are GLORIOUS.


I want to wrap all the presents in those boxes.

Did I mention it’s          GLORIOUS?   

So pretty I am beyond words.

On the bright side…I’m super easy to buy for. I’d be happy with the box… 🙂

I was just talking about this with a friend on FB yesterday and we were discussing how wrong it is that Christmas is out already!

But this year…I want it out right now. RIGHT NOW.

I’m home this year…and I want to spend every minute celebrating with the family.

I want to decorate right this minute.

I want to bake right this minute (not good for any of us).

I want to finish shopping so we can all enjoy the season…


Time is flying by!



Meanwhile…holy cow we should maybe not forget Thanksgiving, right? It’s one of my favorite holidays of the year.

I should maybe get to work on a few lists, what do you think?  I’m starting to think this will be overwhelming…

We’re getting snow tonight.  Think a morning run will be fun?  The temperature should be about 38* if I’m lucky. With little snowflakes.


I hopped down to Colorado Springs to get my hair done.

I’d like to know why Anna (I love her) (who is young and adorable and has AMAZING hair) insists on doing my hair like I’m Carol Brady.

What the hell.

Swear to God my hair looked like this when I left today… (only with far less hair so less lift…and no wave or anything because Julia Roberts has natural curl and is hot which is totally not the issue but go with it). I just kept looking in the mirror like…what is THAT?

She didn’t like my hair short so we’re growing it out. It grows super fast so it’s growing out and it’s in transition. It had finally gotten to a point that I didn’t hate it. Unfortunately my Celiac does like to shred my hair and take all the moisture out of it. So she had to clean up the ends that were super dry. And with what was left she styled it like this…

I put a hat on and didn’t take it off until I got home and went into the bathroom to redo my hair.

She does such a great job on the cut…super talented. But the style…total Carol Brady. Sigh.

Bob Harper has a new fitness thing out. I love his yoga DVD’s SO much I’m thinking I’m going to do it. It’s from the Dailyburn and it’s

called Black Fire. 

It’s gotten really good reviews…I just need a box. It requires a set of hand weights, a dowel and a box. I think I have everything but the box.


Run on…and stay warm!

3 Replies to “Which holiday is it again? Cause I love them all…”

  1. Good luck with the new dvd! Let us know how it goes 🙂

    I also really am feeling some holiday spirit right now (I’m even kind of excited about getting a red cup at Starbucks 😉 ), but I’m trying to focus on thanksgiving first, even though Christmas is seriously everywhere already! (I do need to start thinking about my Christmas shopping, though…)

    1. It’s not a DVD, actually. You stream it on Dailyburn. And there’s the unfriendly “30 days free” which means you have to give them a credit card number I HATE that. But it looks really good and again…the reviews are good. I may try it.

      Ha, I don’t go to Starbucks so I’m immune to the red cup controversy. And Thanksgiving is one of my all time favorite holidays. But Christmas comes SO fast after that this year I kind of want to enjoy both. So I’m trying to get the most.

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