we had our first “blizzard” and were “snowed in”. I ate gummy bears. I know you’re shocked.

  • I laid in my bed all morning and pretended it was Sunday for most of the day.  It snowed during the night (a light dusting, melted as it hit the ground, big fluffy flakes)  and it’s beautiful outside and just cold enough to require snuggling under the covers and watching television. Sort of the best kind of snow. I’d like to say #winningatlife but that would totally be a lie. I was simply being lazy. Plus Sean is working from home (we’re having a blizzard, remember?) and that is totally screwing with me. I will either adjust or not I guess. I suspect I’ll adjust until I snap and get my ass out the door to a new job. I love having him around but for some reason I am far less productive when he’s here. He, however, gets a ton of work done.

  • I ate Gummy Bears and broke my no cheese rule when I saw a piece of Pepper Jack calling me. I ate it. I carry a little guilt. I washed it down with gummies. I know you think that’s gross but it isn’t.  Tasted okay actually. But for lunch I had a breakfast burrito because I live life on the edge. It had sweet potatoes (they were white…I bought white sweet potatoes), eggs, black beans, avocados, and a gluten free tortilla. See? I do eat healthy…mostly. I just was out of control this morning. I blame it on Sean.
  • During my food fiesta I watched reruns of Parks and Recreation because I missed the live version on NBC when it was on.

    Amy Poehler makes me happy. I laughed my butt off and decided I could totally do Sunday on a Thursday. Why not. As long as we’re discussing Amys (Amies?) I loved Trainwreck even though it definitely crossed a few moral lines. I loved Amy Schumer in it. So when she was on HBO I though..I’ll totally watch her special! Holy Mother…wow. I … may need therapy. And I was watching it with my 18 year old son who likes to brag that’s how ALL his friends talk so whatever he loved it. I can’t even say it was really really raunchy. Is there a word beyond raunchy?  It would be THAT word. Some of it was hella funny. And the rest of it was just gross.  But that’s me.
  • I popped onto Audible.com to buy a new book and accidentally paid $30 for one. Sucker better be awesome.   I found a book called The Lake House which sounded SO good and the reviews sounded good so I just grabbed it. I didn’t even look at the price (most of the books I buy are around $9.99 or $14.99). I will be devoting much attention to that book. I may read it twice. I’m five chapters in (it’s a 21 hour book!) and I’d say I’m hooked.  SO hooked. It better end good. I always read the last chapter first when I read a book but with audible books I have to wait and it’s very upsetting.
    Image result for very upsetting gif
  • I ran four miles in the afternoon. It was cold but nice. Sun was still out but just going down and the sky was clear.  The glitch was the aforementioned snow. The route I chose had dirt so by the time I got out this afternoon it was mud. So much mud. So a small portion of my run was walking and trying not to be sucked into the mud vortex. When I got home I had a text from Miss Hollie asking if we were on for our walk. So…yep. I headed right back out again to walk four miles. Got my exercise done for sure.

On another note:  My leg hurts (IT band is definitely yelling). Oh, did you think I was miraculously cured? Nope). I have a problem. I’ve always had it.Stretching must be done. So much.

Off to get a workout in.

Run on…

4 Replies to “we had our first “blizzard” and were “snowed in”. I ate gummy bears. I know you’re shocked.”

  1. Yay running! and yay that the book is good 🙂 It’s funny that you have snow and it’s been in the 70s here the past two days (totally crazy for Cleveland at this time. I’m sure we’ll get a blizzard next week because of this).

    That burrito sounds good!

  2. Haha. We went to Trainwreck, it was good. Lately we also saw Bridge of Spies, great movie, The Martian, also really good. Lots of movies, I am getting the hang of it, hehe.

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