I think this lists all my vices in one post. #problems

Running, snacking on all things not healthy (french fries, Skittles), shopping (new shoes, pretty bracelets, races…)…I clearly have a problem.

  • Skosh update! He was released yesterday for good behavior! Which means his kidneys behaved themselves. His kidney levels seemed fine and his liver levels were slightly elevated but otherwise good. They took him off the IV because it was straining his heart. He’ll go back today for a check up and another test and then…hold your wallets…we’ll get a bit of a refund. I KNOW. Kind of shocking. It’s not THAT big of a refund. Don’t get excited. But Maybe a hundred bucks or so…enough to be grateful. Also, they give a very small military discount. I’ll take that. Overall, a better experience than my regular place.
  • It was a beautiful day yesterday ~ 60*! ~ and Miss Hollie and I enjoyed our walk at the park in broad daylight with the leaves and the sunshine. It was so warm and we expected total freezing cold so we were slightly overdressed. We’re learning.
  • Has anyone else made their Christmas list and made actual progress on it?  I haven’t even made a LIST yet and if you know me that is totally unheard of. It’s shocking. So that is on my list (ha!) to do this week. Probably today as it’s completely taking over my brain. What to do for Christmas. Also…Thanksgiving is showing up while you’re not looking.  BAM! update: I started last night. I couldn’t stand it. It’s really bugging me.
  • Today I’m buying new running shoes. I know, after the cat I’m not even sure I should. But I really need new shoes. I’ve been living in my Newtons and I really need to balance two pair with each other. In a perfect world of course, more than two. But I’m not looking a gift horse. Start with one.  I shouldn’t be greedy…or should I?
  • OH man.. I might need this. Wish it were a real race and not a virtual race but still…so cool. Skittles…#tastetherainbow

  • I love these.  They donate $10 to a charity of YOUR choice, you actually know the amount you’re donating, their story is  inspirational and a And you KNOW I’m all about being BRAVE. I think I have to have several. So pretty.

  • Not gonna lie, I ate french fries and I ate too many. I don’t get them too often but oh em gee. Yum.  Sean and MT went to Five Guys  and Sean was kind enough to bring home a huge bag of fries. Silly man. Probably thought they were his leftovers. I’ve now eaten them for breakfast and lunch. I NEVER get fries and I could die of happiness. Don’t worry. I left a few for him..

I must go, must get Skosh to the vet for his check up. Then get running shoes. Then come home and run please please please.

Run on…

4 Replies to “I think this lists all my vices in one post. #problems”

  1. Yay for your kitty!! Still thinking of him and you all. Keep us updated.

    I’m working on my Christmas list.. Only purchased one little stocking stuffer so far!

    Yay for beautiful weather, new running shoes and French fries 😉

    1. He’s doing really well! Thanks 🙂 Resting comfortably. And I am, too! I have a cart full of stuff waiting for me on Amazon. LOL I just keep adding to it.

  2. I have not even thought about Christmas.

    lie. I have thought about it, then promptly ignored it because it feels hard. 🙂

    French fries are my kryptonite, so I feel ya, sister.

    1. Oh man. French fries. I want some right now.

      I am actively involved in Christmas. Right this moment. Christmas. SO MUCH. It takes over my life. Sigh…It does feel hard.

      Skittles may be my kryptonite…I do love them though…

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