Is six months too early to plan a party? hmm. It’s possible I’m bored.


So MT and I were talking about he and his dad taking a road trip before he leaves and I said spring break was his only chance and he said no…he has the whole month of May and I said um…no…

you’ve already taken my birthday (he’s leaving for basic training the week before and yes…I’m making him pay for it)…you are NOT taking my anniversary, too (May 24). Since the family doesn’t get to go on a trip together like we planned. That’s right. You took away all of our family plans…(I like to lay it on really thick so he can totally wear the guilt. He’s thick skinned and usually dishes it right back. He’s so out of the will)

Sean said, “I have to be here for our anniversary. It’s kind of a big one. It’s our 30th”.

GASP. That’s RIGHT.  

We need to have  a PARTY!

I need a dress. 

And that was how that conversation ended. Because we’d gotten to the important part.

Commence dress searching.

If only I left the computer. I’d burn way more calories…

The boys left. They were bored.


No running or walking yesterday in anticipation of 40mph winds that didn’t happen and a horrible blizzard that probably showed up somewhere but not Denver. In Denver it was over by 9:30am. We just don’t have the energy. We have things to do.

Sean stayed home to work from home (in anticipation of said blizzard) and we ended up running some errands and having lunch together.

My computer was acting up and thus the day ended up being completely non productive.

I did a lot of busy work while Sean worked on it.

You know…wipe the counter down.

load the dishwasher.

Go through paperwork.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

It was…difficult.
my dog is insane. He refuses to come inside unless all the planets are aligned perfectly, it’s the third Tuesday of the month and you’re turning toward the West.

I just opened the sliding glass door to let him in after he scratched on it to COME in and he comes halfway in…then I absentmindedly scratch my hip. Yep. My hip itched. That was it. He froze in fear…what could possibly be happening?

Are you trying some freakish subterfuge to attack me?
I’m sure of it..oh human who pretends to be my Alpha but you and I both know you aren’t…well I’m not fooled. You can’t get me. I’m not COMING in. HA.

And he backs out…


I’m walking/running with Miss Hollie tonight so I’m going to get a blood test this morning (Celiac checkup next week) instead of running.  Doesn’t that sound fun? I know you’re jealous.

Then I’m off to do fun things on the computer at Andrea’s house.

Hm. That sounds…inappropriate.

Though I have slept with her…I haven’t done anything inappropriate that involves the computer with her. It’s innocent. I swear.

I may or may not stop and buy cake. See? I talk big but I never do it. It’s just always on my mind…


This is a public service announcement put out by the Montana Highway Patrol.   I’m from MT and I had a child hit by a semi. So this hits hard for me on more levels than I can really tell you.
This is worth watching as a big fat reminder to please be careful.
It’s snowing now.
The roads are bad.
You can’t always trust what you think you can.
Take your time.
Drive carefully.
Respect the emergency responders and slow down.
If you’re tired…pull over or don’t go out to begin with.

Spoiler: everyone survives


So very true. Run on…

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