So I doublebooked. Mercury is in retrograde. Or at least that’s what I tell myself…

That’s what my mother always says when my day is really really off.

It’s going to be a GREAT day…it’s built right in. It’s Friday the 13th! Gotta love THAT.

I did multiple stupid things yesterday.

I was late to my appointment with andrea.

I double booked myself…

~I was supposed to walk with Hollie in the afternoon, she had a half day at work and I didn’t put it in my calendar the right way so instead I was sitting at Andrea’s house clear across town when she texted to say she was going to be a little late.

Well I’d be super late because there was no way I would make it. So how about THAT.


But Andrea and I have been cancelling on each other week after week..and after I got there the chick says to me, “we should go to lunch because no one will go to lunch with me”. We HAVE to work. We HAVE to. We need to get this done.

So I said no. We did not go to lunch. We stayed at her house and I worked and worked and she worked and worked and then I took my computer home and worked some more and now it’s midnight which means I stopped to make dinner but never did run or anything else even remotely productive but hey…

I finished those damn projects I was so close to finishing.

I finished them.


They are in the works and they will be mailed out soon…

one is from Shutterfly and one is from My Publisher…I’m kind of excited to be able to check them off…

I’m hoping they’ll turn out but you never know until the project shows up. One of the books is of my wedding so the photos are scanned in and not great quality. So I have no idea how this one will turn out. They are pretty iffy. I just did the best I could and figured it was worth a try and I really wanted to see how I liked shutterfly. And the other one is a project I started before my dad died. So I was anxious to finish it. Probably there was a reason I didn’t finish that one, huh?

Moving on…

Time to start a new project.


Andrea is feeling a little wanderlust…

I think we may take a little roadtrip and see what may be out there. Just enough to peak out interest. We’re bored.

Okay..I’m not bored. But I am feeling the road trip bug.

Points if you know the movie. Love the movie.


This is my life.


I have some stuff to do this morning, an appt and a few other things to get done. Then I’m going to update my list and hopefully get a run in. If I don’t I actually AM walking with Hollie tomorrow so I’ll run then, too.

Tomorrow is going to be busy.

Make your lists, People. Organization keeps the chaos out of your head.

Busy doesn’t mean you don’t run. It means prioritize. Schedule. Figure it out. 

Run on…

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