On this day I was definitely on the ball. Mostly.

Paris.  I have no words. They would simply be inadequate anyway. I pray for comfort, strength and peace to France. And an end to the madness.

Do you ever read about what people get upset about and just shake your head and marvel at the idiocy that is EVERYWHERE?

People will take anything apart. It’s disturbing.

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed at the ridiculous level we are taking political correctness I can’t stomach listening or reading anything.  It’s just too overwhelming.

hermione idiot what an idiot harry potter


I had a thousand and one errands to run yesterday and I nearlydid them all. #listsruletheworld
had appointment this morning
took MT lunch at work
emissions for the car
two grocery stores
fabric store
hardware store
Blood test (finally)
paid bills
ordered some Christmas presents
did laundry
cleaned one bathroom (couldn’t get to the other one sadly)
Ran three miles with MT…

Yes…you read that right…

I grabbed MT and had him come to the park with me so I could get a run in and not get mugged. See Mom? I do listen. It was getting later in the evening and of course dark by then.  He hadn’t worked out and I talked him into it…

it was cold… but we persevered and by the second round felt much better.

It felt good to get it done even if he had to run super slow for me  and there were several times I was totally not interested anymore. I was just too exhausted to do the Olympic mile.


Check this out...

A restaurant in London ~ not just any restaurant but a rather big expensive no one can get a reservation they are so awesome~ restaurant went completely gluten and dairy free…

and no one noticed.

I’m getting my nails done this morning (I miss it! Hasn’t happened in FOREVER). My poor peeling sad nails. I finally have nine of them not at cuticle level. The tenth tore off yesterday for no random reason. Just … gone.

It smelled hope on me.

My nails are depressed.


My appt is very early (before the salon opens, I have connections 😉 so I’m going to that first and then I’ll run.

And then I’ll take the longest most beloved hot shower in the history of the world.

I really really want that.


I think this is true for many more things than running. And though I’m not sure hero is the word we’re looking for here (seems so inappropriate on the heels of Paris this morning), I do think any success we’re going to find is going to come from us. Each of us is responsible for our own selves and we have to have that discipline and also willpower to get it done.

Run on…


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    1. I do love them. They aren’t as common as they used to be but sometimes I’m not in control…right? And thanks! We’ll just keep pushing!

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