It’s like I’m speaking a totally different language. Only…not

  • It’s 9:20 at night when I start this and my day has been the opposite of yesterday.  Incredibly non productive.  Also, I took some kind of vitamin or drug or liquid or food or something that makes my words not be understood by other humans.  Maybe I was drugged. Maybe THEY were drugged. The whole day was surreal. I wanted to leave town and live in a cave. Is that allowed? Can I do that? #cavedweller #introvertedandproud

  • I did manage to get my nails done this morning. They’ve been incredibly short and down to the quick since New York City (I suspect because I was sick, that always trashes them) so I managed to get them to a level that’s not ridiculously short and it’s only … short. Anna, my nail lady, was great and didn’t ridicule me for asking for my usual French manicure when I have zero nails to French. And really…it doesn’t look odd at all. I like it and I’m keepin’ it. #myway #ilovefrank
  • One of my friends posted today that she’s done Christmas shopping. Then posted photos of happy pictures shopping with her little daughter, dinner out and movie time with the family at home. Seriously.  #somuchworktodo  #overachiever #istilllikeher

  • Joann Sfar, a cartoonist in Paris who works for Charlie Hebdo,  posted a cartoon on her instagram telling people not to use the hashtag #prayforparis. She says there’s  enough religion in the world.  That she is an atheist is no surprise I suppose, that she wants everyone else to follow her belief system is.  I’ve found peace many times in prayer. It may not give everyone the same sense of calm but I believe it can provide a lot of people what they seek. And for those people far away, unable to do anything to help but change their Facebook colors and tweet support it gives them a feeling of solidarity with a country they feel needs it in a critical time of fear and sadness. #prayforparis #goodthoughtsforparis
  • My computer was completely messed up and no matter how we tweaked it, the results were the same. Sean rebuilt it (that sounds bad but he can do this in his sleep) and still the same result. After working on it a second time I finally looked at it and said, “do you suppose the mouse is jacked?”
    Suffice it to say, he did not look happy to find out…why yes, the mouse IS jacked. It’s not a very old mouse so that’s why we didn’t think to check it sooner.  Sorry Babe.  #notmybestmoment #didyoureboot #isthisthingon
    Image result for can you hear me now gif
  • My hair.  Remember that Friends episode when Phoebe cuts Monica’s hair? Monica’s hair looks way cuter than mine right now. #transitionhair #thankheavenitgrowsfast #neverleavingthehouse

le sigh.

  • I put my sports bra on backwards the other day. There’s just so many straps. And I was in a hurry. And I must have turned it wrong. Whatever.  But it was one of those really strappy ones with a thin racerback? I totally had an inside glimpse at the S&M lifestyle. File this under “Things I never want my husband to see” #sports #runnerproblems #imagirl
  • I did run Saturday night but it was more a run for a little while and then walk for a long while because I took the dog and he really wanted to take his time. Also it was super short because he’s a wuss and gets tired. Two miles is his max. This morning my Achilles were not thrilled but still okay. I am trying to give them the attention they need to stay okay and heal okay. I’m going to step up my stretching this week and if they don’t seem better I’ll go back to the acupuncturist and see if it helps.

    I realize I started this last night and am finishing it this morning but it’s just to keep Ya’ll on your toes. You seem to be doing great. Nice job! I have smart readers.


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