Sweet List <3

  1. Road Trips.  Andrea and I may take a quick road trip because we can. And we both have the bug.  Portland???  Telluride??? Friends in both places! ::feelin’GarthBrookshere:
  2. Cheetos. The crunchy kind? I’ve only had them twice and I’m hooked. I always thought they looked gross and full disclosure the puffy ones still do. bleah. But the crunchy ones…oh man. They are good.
  3. British accents. ::swoon:: Hey Babe…can you work on this? I’d appreciate it.
  4. Fountain sodas. There is nothing like crushed ice and a Diet Pepsi
  5. What to do with old Christmas cards and birthday cards and thank you cards? Send them to St. Judes.   Be sure to read the directions and rules. It’s a great program and super easy.

    Recycled Card Program History

    More than thirty years ago, wishing to show our donors appreciation for making St. Jude’s Ranch for Children possible, the idea was conceived to turn the previous year’s Christmas cards into “new” cards for the coming season. The recipients were so delighted when they received the unique “thank you,” that they requested to purchase the special cards. The program soon expanded to include all-occasion greeting cards.

    How It Works

    Operated by Kids’ Corp., a program designed to teach entrepreneurship skills, the children at the Ranch participate in making the new “green” cards by removing the front and attaching a new back. The result is a beautiful new card made by children and volunteers.

  6. Pumpkin cake with or without cream cheese frosting thankyouverymuch. Yum.
  7. running the hills and not dying completely. I mean…kind of dying by the third hill but making it on the first two. They were mean.  #dontjudge
    I don't love running, but it is the one thing that you can do anywhere...anytime.:
  8. We had a bike we bought last year that didn’t work for us. Put it on Craigslist three times. I finally sold it this weekend. What a relief. The guy was  nice. Doesn’t that make things extra great? I love it when people are nice.
    Favorite Reminder via Humans of Joy:
  9. Chatted up a friend today who I haven’t really talked to for awhile. She made a decision that was brave a month or so ago and I’m incredibly proud and happy for her. We decided we need to have a holiday party for our mutual friends. and because…why not?
    The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, no matter how far they wander.:
  10. turkey, cheese and cranberry jalapeno jelly on sourdough panini for dinner. Life.is.good. (It’s okay…I had regular gluten free bread but it made my family pretty happy and it was totally delicious to look at.
  11. As a Christian the world has strong feelings about my beliefs. It warmed my heart to see the hashtags hitting Twitter today from the British Muslim community~ #notinmyname.  Good for them.
  12. candystore
  13. volunteering. Paying it forward. Doing good things. If you’ve been putting it off…don’t. And don’t do it because it’s the holidays. Do it because you can. My best friend’s daughter spends every birthday at 5am volunteering downtown Denver serving to the homeless. This is why she’s my best friend. Girl did something really right.