Let’s talk Squats…

It snowed today. Let me rephrase. It’s snowing. We’re getting a big ass snowstorm.

It’s hitting hard.

They don’t know how hard. They’ll get back to us.  But I’m going on record as saying..it’s kind of big.

I had a doctor appt today and I headed out this morning to drive there (keep in mind I’ve been driving in snow my whole life) and when I turned a very VERY slow corner in my four wheel drive and spun a full 360* I decided to go home. Doctors appts can be rescheduled.

I was up most of the night with a really really awful migraine and just don’t feel good anyway so I don’t even feel bad about it.

Parts of the city aren’t that bad at all and other parts the roads are the worst. So…we’ll have to regroup in a few hours.


Yesterday it was cold COLD cold so I threw a quick 3 mile run (little over ) and called it good.

When I got home I did some strength for about twenty minutes before heading to Target to get some life saving groceries in case we’re stranded for days and days.

You know the kind…sweet potato fries, waffles, corn dogs, etc.

For those of you wondering…the sweet potato fries are for me. The rest are for the grown children I live with who love them SO MUCH and ask me to buy them. Alex eats corn dogs four at a time. Crazy. He also loves vegetables and lean meat and works out like a fiend. So I give him the occasional corn dog binge.


Let’s talk squats…

How to Squat Like a Pro

Like any other exercise, squatting is only beneficial when performed safely, with proper technique. If you have never squatted before, begin with the air squat (no added weight).

Squats are a Runner’s Best Friend

The basic squat movement is this:

  • Arms extended in front or overhead
  • Sink the hips down until your thighs are parallel to the floor, making a 90-degree angle. This depth is good for beginners.
  • If you have good mobility, deeper is better.
  • If it feels OK to you, then go ahead and squat until your bum is “below parallel.”
  • When standing back up, do not let your back cave in.
  • Keep your knees behind your toes, your weight on your heels, and your back straight while you squat. ~source

I’ve been squatting for years, I think it’s a hugely important exercise. But I have never gone deep enough to truly get the best benefit. When I go to the gym with Alex he makes me put my feet farther forward and go all the way down and I always fall backwards like an idiot. I think it’s because I just don’t have the strength yet.

I finally decided, after NOT going to the gym but instead working out in my own house with my own weights, that lighter weights and not stressing my body might (I emphasize might) be what I need to try. It seems to be working. I still occasionally stumble backwards but mostly I have it right.

But I’m not doing air squats, I’m carrying  a weight bar. And after my first set I have weights on it. So the balance sets me off. I think I just have to get stronger.

Squats are an important part of every runners routine. The glutes carry us up those hills, along the twenty six and through the finish line. We need them for distance and for speed. They help us work more than our glutes though, they work our hamstring, hips (oh my gosh our hips), quads, and calves. It’s a whole package with that quality move.

    <<<<<Alex has me doing this, which is super common and GREAT for you but for some reason even

WITH padding, the bar gives me crazy bruises where it sits. I’m guessing it’s the Celiac. I bruise really easy. So this is why I switched it up to a variation using handweights at home. It’s not going to give me the same benefit but I think it’ll be close enough. And as long as I mix it up with other squats I’m fine.

     <<<<< A nice variation…a little lunge and a squat. Works your core, too.


 <<<<< and here’s a killer move. I do not have the coordination but when I do, you will all know it happened. The one legged squat. The core strength to do this is pretty awesome. More planks please.


The stronger your legs and core, the better runner you are. Fact. Do them.


Remember that little race I ran in Leadville where I almost died? (yes, I exaggerate, geez, do you not KNOW me by now?)…well that stupid toenail FINALLY fell off! #runnerproblems

Do I feel badass? Nah. It’s not my first black toenail and it’s definitely not the first one that’s fallen off. I lose that particular toenail nearly every race over 20 miles. Seriously…it does not want to stick. But it took a LONG time. This race was only 15 but the elevation was killer.  I’m ready for a regular toenail and a regular pedicure that doesn’t scare Anna my nail girl.
p.s. Nope, it doesn’t hurt. Didn’t hurt when it turned black and didn’t hurt when it fell off. I didn’t even notice it actually. This one took it’s time turning black so I figured it was maybe just lightly bruised.


I was up all night with a migraine and super incredibly drugged so it took me seventeen times as long to post this.

Okay, maybe twice as long. But whatever. I feel awful.


But a good day to sleep things off.


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