Five truths…some more popular than others…

  1. I love to run more than I like to do most anything else in the whole world. When I take a break from running and I have to start again, it hurts and it sucks and I dread starting.  But once I pick it up again it’s like being able to breathe. I can finally breathe. On days like that I swear I can’t even stand to be home. I don’t want to make dinner. I don’t want to pay the bills, write posts, answer questions or handle appointments. I just want to be on the street feeling the run. I swear my soul literally becomes lighter as I run. It must be a condition. 
  2. I love Angelina Jolie. I know a lot of people are passionately against her but whatever. I think she’s talented and brilliant and kind and whatever mistakes she’s made she’s apparently trying to fix her karma by being an incredible humanitarian. I love that if it’s a good kind generous basic obvious ~you should be supporting this~ cause, she’s supporting it…women’s rights, refugees, education, conservation…I could go on and on.I hopped over to Wikipedia to get a little information and make sure it was accurate and instead I ended up overwhelmed with everything she does.  I can’t even get my blog written most days. Could I be her in my next life?…
  3. As long as we’re being totally brutally honest here and everyone is judging me…I might as well throw this out there. I’m pretty over seeing the hateful mean posts from everyone tearing apart Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. This is a man who has struggled with addiction and his wife who is trying to support him. I don’t care who she is. I don’t care how she got famous. I don’t care how he got where he is. All I care about is that they are people and are both in pain. He’s in the hospital now having made some really bad decisions. And he’s the only person in the whole world who’s ever made bad decisions and ended up in the hospital. ::sarcasm:: He has years of rehab ahead of him and I can’t help but admire his wife who has chosen in compassion to stop the divorce and stand by him as he attempts to heal.  And this family gets to do this in full view of the public. Judgment and all. I was reading comments where people were saying how ridiculous it was the Khloe and Lamar story was being told when Paris had just happened… Who wants to hear about those idiots? But my God is compassionate and he finds their pain to real and valid and in need of His grace.

  4. I am beyond grateful for the gift of healthcare and the gift of Botox for my migraines...  today I have my first session since…I’ve lost track. I’m only a month behind but it’s been a rough four months..this go round. However…to be brutally honest I’m pretty freakin’ scared because it really hurts to have it done and since I know it hurts, I’m dreading it. Totally dreading it. And also looking forward to it. But mostly dreading it. I know, I suck.
  5. I’m so sad about the Syrian refugees and the shameful and disgusting way our country and our leaders have shown what a warm and friendly place we are ::sarcasm:: by voting to close up shop and not help those people who need somewhere to go. The irony is lost on no one that it is happening at this time of year, this giving time when we are historically supposed to be thinking of others, being generous and helping those less fortunate. My God would want me to provide help to someone in need. Would I open my home? Yes.  Absolutely. We should be ashamed of ourselves for not doing all we can for these people.

I get it. Random stuff that’s been on my mind. Had to clear the cobwebs out…..


Hollie and I walked and ran in a chilly breezy mix today. The walk/run was a mix and the chilly breeze was a mix. It was a gorgeous day out and we still managed to freeze our butts off. Or at least I did. Also, I walk really fast and she struggles with shorter legs so I’m certain I’m irritating.

No pot though…we walked early and school was just getting out so maybe they didn’t have time to light up…or maybe they had to do homework first? So many maybes. We’ll meet up again on Saturday.

I ended up spending the evening at my computer and I swear my butt is just…dead. I’m So tired of sitting. I need one of those standing desks. Where he hell would I put it? I used to stand at my teller desk all the time. I loved that. I miss it.

I also miss tellering. yep. In case anyone wondered. I miss my job. I miss math. I miss the people. Sad but true.


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