Desserty is a word and I’m sure by Thanksgiving I’ll be ready to eat it all. Probably.

You really tore into that…

One little phrase. Isn’t that funny?

I’m that sensitive person that can totally blow off something someone says or it can tragically go the other way and it’s a crapshoot. Really…but dollars to donuts if it’s about me personally…if you’re laughing at me? I’ll wear it.  I’m sure there’s therapy for this. I’m sure it’s childhood influenced, right? A sibling or middle school bullying or all of the above.  And because of that I try to be very realistic and analyze without reacting. 

Most people just laugh at things like that and it’s funny.

But sometimes it just strikes so hard there’s no analyzing. It just hits and there’s no control. Like lead in your stomach (ha! stomach, no pun intended) it sits there and when I’m stressed I eat even less than when I’m not stressed.

I pride myself on the fact that though I can forget to eat, when I do remember I’m not shy. I do love food. And I have no shame about dessert.

>>this gif is my mission statement…you just have to add kindness.  Be kind.<<

Life is to be lived, enjoyed, celebrated and toasted with dessert. 

Why else would we be gifted with these culinary delights?

Skittles one would describe them as “culinary”

I ate about a third of a 5″ cheesecake (I shared a bite of it with theboy who did not enjoy it and flung part of the piece on the floor and at me…I did not enjoy that and ended up wearing it). I heard about that (sure it wasn’t you..uh huh). As I put the cheesecake back in the fridge I heard something to the effect of “you really tore into that” meaning…man, you ate the hell out of that thing.

Well, yes, I guess so. I don’t think I ate an abnormal amount of it. It’s pretty tiny. But I knew what I was doing. I’m pretty okay with it.  Or I was…and thus begins the bad feelings. Why do we do this to ourselves? Or am I the only one?

I no longer want anything delicious or desserty (it’s a word) or yummy or anything. Talk about a giant loss of appetite.Sad day.

Hopefully it all passes by Thursday because Thanksgiving is always full of delicious.


I’m getting ready to head out for a long run. Which is still pretty short but I’ll take it…ever grateful for the ability to run.

I’ve been incredibly careful about stretching and doing some extra yoga moves after I run but I’m still sore in my Achilles, my right hamstring and my right hip which makes me seem like a ridiculous mess but it’s really just one thing that works itself out in three different places. So I keep stretching and I do think it’s getting better.

I think the walking with Hollie is great cross training for it. I’m not over running.

So my workouts for the week looked like this:

Sunday: 3.26 miles running

Monday: 3.25 miles running (strength training 20 minutes)

Thursday: 4.03 miles walking/running

Friday: 3.25 miles running (strength training 20 minutes)

Saturday: 4.03 walking/running

Believe it or not…not the same running route…LOL.  Just randomly the same distance.


Run on…

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