Sweet List <3

  1. Oprah’s Master Class….I may have used this before but I like it so much. I watched Robert Duvall (I love him) and Dwayne Johnson (I love him, too) and they were both so good.
  2. Christmas Shopping with Andrea. I’d prefer small town shopping, craft show shopping or really just any kind of shopping over big mall shopping in high end Denver but Andrea makes it awesome.
  3. We had lunch at White Chocolate which I have to admit has a great salad and they have gluten free french fries. I’m pretty easy with where I eat as long as I can get gluten free but the french fries…oh man. I’m yours if you have french fries.
  4. Powering through my Christmas list. 
  5. Muirhead Pecan Pumpkin Butter …from William Sonoma-a total splurge but oh my goodness. I could die it’s so good.  Now I want to make a quick bread so I can eat far too much of both.
  6. I cleaned my house. I had projects everywhere…
    happy excited celebration minions despicable me
    and I spent a crazy four hours just organizing, cleaning, and getting it all done and I swear I can totally breathe and think better now. It’s almost as good as running. Not quite…but almost.
  7. Sean and I paid it forward a few times this week when the opportunity presented itself. Sometimes it doesn’t and that’s just life. But sometimes it does and it makes your soul happy to take advantage.
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  8. Getting all my workouts in and still feeling pretty good. Not superhuman just normal, strong and healthy. Loving that.
  9. Botox approved and received ~thankyouverymuch to the powers that be that pushed this through~ I feel better already and it’s been what…three days? Totally worth it.
  10. Planning a Thanksgiving dinner for about 27 people. Two main dishes, seven side dishes, four desserts….8 actual people…one of them only four years old…no one sees a problem with this. Does anyone know 19 people that will need a meal on Thursday? Yikes.
  11. Christmas decorations! I am excited.
  12. Montana gave me flowers. Randomly. And I love him. Because he’s kind and generous and sweet and way too sensitive for his own sweet good.
  13. I got up far too early this morning and ran a “long” run of four miles. Yep. That’s my long run! I’m taking it very very slow. And not only was it awesome but I kicked butt on the hills, only stopped at the mandatory stops (stoplights) and felt strong the whole time. It was pretty killer. It was a great run. Am I cured and feel amazing? No…but I feel very good right now and I’m taking it one run at a time. Then I came home and did my twenty minutes of strength training. Now my arms hurt. #strongissexy

Run on…