Dare I say it…

Not everyone is meant to be a runner.

Or maybe I should say not everyone has the heart of a runner.

I run.

But I don’t think everyone is meant to do it to find their joy.

THAT’S not what I’m supposed to say.

I’m supposed to encourage. I’m supposed to cheer. I’m supposed to say anyone can do it and be a better person for it.

Unfortunately I just don’t think that’s being completely honest.

Yesterday I was out on my morning run and it came to me in a quick moment.

It was cold.

It was  windy.

It was miserable.

I was slow.

My gloves were on..my gloves were off…

My headband was on…my headband was off…

Each time my headband had to go back on,  it flipped my earbuds out…because that is my life with headphones…

I do all that while I run.

The grace…was just not in her steps…

As I ran though..it felt like it was in my steps.

I felt light.

I felt strong

I felt sure.

I felt happy.

Not just any happy.

Not just ~cake for breakfast~ happy.

Not just ~time with theboy~ happy.

Not just ~Sean’s car is home when I get there~ happy.

It’s the happiest I ever feel…out when I’m running.

I don’t believe everyone knows this feeling.

I do believe anyone can run. And I do think it’s a quick and easy way to get into shape. Get some good shoes, head out the door, start slow …give yourself time and eventually you will be able to up your mileage and get the run done and you will be better for it. But I don’t think everyone loves it.

I’ve heard people say they finished the run, it was awful every minute they were out but they finished it.

They run to stay in shape but if they didn’t have to they definitely wouldn’t do it.

Shouldn’t it get easier? they ask…when will I stop hating it so much?  I do it but I don’t love it. I just know it’s good for me. 

Does that mean you shouldn’t run? Nope. I definitely don’t believe that. Sometimes you find your heart later. It takes a little longer but it’s so worth the wait when it shows up.

To all those people that run for the sake of health…I salute you.

Because running is hard.  It just is. Your muscles hurt. It’s exhausting. You can’t breathe.  Your legs feel heavy. And the general feeling of I can’t do this will totally take over you every step of the way and you have to push yourself to get the job done.

To not love it and to never love it and to never see or have that reward of loving it would make me tremendously sad.

So to all of you out there who are running for the sake of health…

I hope you are finding your joy and happiness in one of those fabulous other directions…

in your dance

in your cycling

in your singing

in your reading

in your writing

in your cooking

in your yoga

wherever you are able…I hope you are able to find the happiness I feel when I run.

I was passing through the room, 38 years ago, and something on the television caught my eye. I asked my dad ~what is this?~ and he told me it was the Boston Marathon.

And I became a runner.

Last evening I was driving home and I passed a man running down a hill near my house.

It was cold.

It was muddy.

It was rush hour on a busy street.

Ugh…exhaust fumes.

It’s so cold!

The mud…

I could have thought about all of those things and my first thought should have been joy that I already ran and wasn’t in his predicament.

It’s a true testament to runner love that my first thought was ~I’d like to be running right now~

I am a runner.

Love this verse and the following: "So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadowboxing. I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should.":

Run on…and find your passion…