Sleep is overrated…

So it’s 3am and I’m up.

At 8:30pm or so I was sitting at the table and suddenly did not…NOT feel well.

It was pretty imperative I lie down to avoid losing my ~whatever I last ate~. So I headed upstairs and curled up on the bed FREEZING cold ~this may not have anything to do with not feeling well…my house is nuts~and covered with a blanket fully dressed and slept.

Pretty sure Sean told me to get my jammies on at least twice but I’m telling you it was in everyone’s best interest I not move at all. So I didn’t.

Totally worth it.

I woke up at 1:30 and I was wide awake.

I’m not someone who needs a lot of sleep so whenever I wake up in the middle of the night….I’m up.

My stomach seems mildly better but not great.

I think I’ll swear off eating for like…a week or so.

so here it is…3am. And I’m watching Larry Crowne.

And I’m talking to you guys.

It’s kind of one sided though…

You guys are being kind of quiet.

Speaking of quiet, I’m trying very hard to be quiet and I thought I was successful but I did just see a ghost of a MT peek around the corner. Usually he pops up here and says ‘hey’ but this time he must just be too tired. I hope I didn’t wake him up. Maybe he was checking his laundry…hmm. Bet he thought he was being stealthy…


I felt a little off all day.  Not sick to my stomach just tired and needing to take a rest day from no sleep the day before and being “on” all day.  I hadn’t had the chance to run on Thanksgiving (thank you ice storm) and now it’s two days. Slowly losing my mind.

I’m hoping maybe a little more sleep and I’ll be doing better. Must run soon.


Here’s a glitch…I had Botox last week for the migraines and it’s helped immeasurably. I think it’s been the best since I first got it.  It’s supposed to work better each time you do it.

Unfortunately, as with the first treatment, my overly enthusiastic eyebrows really took to the treatment so the far reaches of each eyebrow are up in inquiry…like…”oh really?”

Now..if only one was doing that then it would be a question, right?

With both of them doing it, then it’s a constant look of surprise.


I love how when he’s giving me the shots he’s telling me it’s an added bonus that I’ll have a great forehead~ >Dude. I don’t exactly need a steamroller anyway…get your head out of the celebrity magazines and back to reality. Some people are happy aging naturally. Can you just keep my eyebrows from having their own relationship with every person I meet?

I’m putting this doctor on speed dial..this I definitely need to get fixed.


I just read someone’s Facebook post about not getting their Christmas cards in the mail yet.

I haven’t even ordered mine yet.  (I’m actually doing that as we speak..right this second)

One of her friends commented that Christmas is in 27 days!


No pressure or anything.

I like to have the majority of my shopping and decorating done by the beginning of December but I also don’t like to stress myself out. So if I get it done I get it done.

This time I’m about 50% done and I have 3 days.


What can I get done in the next three days…

I bet I can get a lot done. I’m counting on the shopping and the decorating majority and we’ll go from there…

The packages take a bit of time and my husband…sheesh…the man is impossible to buy for.

Anyone have great stocking stuffer ideas?


update: I slept for an hour and I feel somewhat human. I also had scrambled eggs and if anyone says scrambled eggs can’t solve the world’s problems they don’t know what they’re talking about. Also..they were Happy Eggs. So there.

I’m going to work on a few things around the house and then hopefully feel better enough to run later.

Also…decorating. Right? Must decorate. Which really means someone needs to get into the crawlspace…a job I wish on no one. ::spiders::


Whatever your weather I hope you are getting a good workout in. The winter blues set in easily and quickly. Christmas is amazing but the stress of the holidays with the Seasonal Affective Disorder so easily grabbing people…it’s important to keep moving and get your exercise in. Take care of you.

Run on…