Sweet List <3


  1.  Thanksgiving deliciousness.  Mashed potatoes and gravy.
  2. I’ve been incredibly tired this last week so I spent the last half of the week hanging out in my jammies and doing nothing. NOTHING> Ladies and gentlemen….is there anything as awesome as doing nothing? Nope. I think not.
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  3. Sean and MT and I went to see Mockingjay 2. It was really good and I liked it…gasp…better than the book. I KNOW…sorry
  4. I looked at my calendar for May 2016 and there is seriously not a free moment to have a party. Not one. So I decided I’m just going to buy myself a dress for the hell of it and make my husband take me somewhere fabulous.  By the way…this is me telling him. I would be upset but if I try and fit it in and make it work we’ll all be nuts so that’s probably not a good idea.
  5. Delicious candle smells all over the house.  Even when it’s not Christmas….but the holidays make it so much nicer with apples and cinnamon and deliciousness all the time. (I wonder if they could come up with a candle of “fabulous old library book smell”)
  6. I have lunch dates set for TWO THREE (that’s how long it took me to write this post…I got another date…watch out Sean) SEPARATE DAYS. I know. I’m not sure how I’ll do…that’s a lot happening in one week.

    Life In Your Early Twenties Vs. Your Late Twenties
  7. Broncos beat that OTHER team….those who shall go unnamed…30 to 24 and I may not be a football fan but that was an awesome game and inyourface, Brady.
  8. My cat, Skosh, who is really Alex’s cat..loves to sit on the stool at the counter (not this stool…this is an old photo).
    The stool is kind of shaped for cat’s to sleep on. But does he choose ANY of the stool’s that are empty? No. Does he choose the stool closest to the warm sun? No. Does he choose the stool away from the chaos of the people/television/thingseverywhere? Nope. He likes the stool where I like to sit. I’ll walk away and come back twenty minutes later and see him settling in…like he knows…just like the kids…
  9. Breakfast sausage. I love it. Especially with syrup. I know…people think that’s weird but nope. It’s delicious.
  10. So my sink exploded. Water was all over the floor and under and it was very unfriendly.  Why is this on the list? Because Sean came home to save the day and it turned out it was virtually nothing and an easy fix. This never happens…it’s always a big deal. So I’m pretty grateful…it could have been so much worse…

  11. In my dreams I live a very minimalist life. This is my kind of challenge. Also…I would totally live in a tiny little condo highrise somewhere. ::dreams::
  12. This picture…


13.  My running friends are attempting the Run the Edge challenge of running 2016 miles in 2016. The glitch is that the teams are up to four people and there are five of us. I am pretty willing to bow out but so far no one is willing to let me. They’ll be sorry when my wussy ass runs twelve miles this year. HA. I’ll keep you posted but I think it’s nice to have running friends. Even the ones that are really mean and make you run.



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    1. I know…I was a little bummed, too. But I don’t want to be crazy so I figure it’s not the end of the world. MT leaves in early June and I don’t want to do it without him.

  1. Oh no, of course not. Still, I am a little bummed. Not too many couple make it that far, especially when they start so young.

    1. I agree! AND I still LIKE him. Though whether he still likes me is definitely up for debate. And though I wanted to celebrate I think we’ll just have to hang out and have something small here at home. Otherwise it may be my first foray into drinking heavily…May looks busy. LOL

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