Women will talk about anything. That is the greatness that is being a woman.

  • I did a quick order of my Christmas cards and they are so cute I can’t stand it (When I have five minutes I’ll scan one in).Took me about twenty minutes and Walgreens…I’m addressing and shooting them in the mail hopefully by tomorrow. What do we call that???

    here it is Folks…

  • I had lunch with Michelle yesterday!  An actual Michelle sighting! I know, can you believe it? We didn’t take any photos but it really happened. And Linc and Mack were there, too. Dang they’re cute. They were very patient and extremely well behaved and that is a testament to the awesomeness that is Michelle. We talked about running, parents, busy schedules, husbands with a brief stop off in the lesbian world. i.e. women understand each other better and as much as we love our husbands…well, follow that train. Isn’t it awesome being a woman? We really do talk about everything.

  • I got my bathroom done  (bet you thought I finished that months ago, right? nope…denial) and family room and tree set up for decorating. It is a day of work though, so I’ll be finishing it up today.  Sean is VERY helpful in this and I can’t tell you how awesome that is. Pretty sure it’s self preservation on his part. He puts the tree together every year. He probably does it because watching me do it drives him nuts. Whatever his reasoning..I’m all in.

    this is Sean anytime he watches me do anything. You should see him when I’m on the computer…it’s kind of hilarious. But he’s so blinded by love for me he can barely see my flaws. All he sees is my charm and wit. Right Babe? ::bigcheesegrin::

  • I am walking/running with Miss Hollie tonight. She’d prefer more walking and I’d prefer more running. Either way I need to get moving. I thought I was better but yesterday I definitely had some Celiac unfriendliness happening and I was home and hanging around the restroom most of the day. Oh the Christmas joy!

  • I went to see my doctor yesterday so he could “fix” me. Having the perpetually sarcastic look on my face is…well…kind of normal but I do try to limit it somewhat. The look on my face when I get up in the morning was starting to scare ME. Damn eyebrows. He jabbed me a few more times and when I asked if it was normal he said no…I’m clearly not normal. Something he had already figured out apparently.

    After he shot me he said, “you’re a bleeder! And now I gave you a bruise!”.   I’m really unconcerned about this, right? Grand scheme and all. But he said he was going to get me some ice. I just kind of looked at him and he said, “ice helps, right?”  I just cracked up. Aren’t you the doctor??  I really do like him. He makes me laugh. I think he was way worried about the bruise on my face. Dude…you should see the mole… ::wink::

  • Sean left the house yesterday and on the way out he turned and threw the dog a heartwarming goodbye. I was still in the room. I think I’ve figured out my place in the hierarchy.


Besides running/walking with Miss Hollie tonight I’ll need to do my strength. I feel like I’m behind after like five days without. I’ll have to look at my schedule because I didn’t post anything about last week’s workouts. I only worked out half the week before that bastard of a holiday, Thanksgiving, bit me in the butt, thus sucking all the workout joy, time joy and scheduling joy right the hell out of my world.

But hey…it was fun…right? Yes. Yes it was fun.

fun party down are we having fun yet hampstore devins adventures in employment

We are full on into Christmas…hope things are going well! Don’t stress.
Remember to take care of you and get your workout in.
Keep some one’s handy ~no, not for the strip club ::shakeshead::~ for the Salvation Army Bell Ringers. It’s an easy donation.
Put your cart away! You know how cold it is and you don’t want to? Someone else has to gather ALL the carts in that cold. Help someone out. >excused: moms with little kids who would have to drag those little kids all the way back< do the best you can. Maybe ask someone else who is putting THEIR cart away to take yours.
On that note: When you’re putting your cart away…grab someone else’s.


The best runs come on days you didn't feel like running. This is so true! #running #quote:
this is almost 100% true for me. Totally worth it.

Run on…