When do things go as planned in YOUR world? Yeah…mine either.

  • I was busy all day yesterday, incredibly busy, and got home late about 9pm and thought what a perfect time to hang with my husband and kid, put the lights and decorations on the tree, finish the super easy decorations in the house and call decorating done while we watch television together!  Alas, it was not meant to be. Sean had something else to do I guess. MT wasn’t interested. And I had no lights. Yup. No lights. Well, I had two strands and I needed more than that. So I just left it and sat there like the sloth that I am…

    parks and recreation aubrey plaza april ludgate lazy tv

    I’m super proud of that behavior…let me tell you…

  • eventually my body realized (whilst sitting there being super productive…not) that I was cold and thus…shut down. I crashed hard and since I still had big dreams of working and doing stuff (yeah right) I just got a blanket to “lie down for awhile”. Several hours later I woke up to a shut down house so…yeah. Now I’m up typing my blog because I TOLD you I’d be productive! Also, now I’m awake.

    Wow, he has a lot of energy, doesn’t he… 
  • Sean’s work is paying for the employees and families all to go to the mountains for a Christmas weekend. We decided to go. I don’t know why. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Anytime I get an inclination to do something like this could a tree branch just come out of nowhere and smack me in the head? We paid extra to take all the kids.  The social events…that’s the best part. Can I tell you I’m dreading this? ::momentoftruth:: Meeting all of his really young tech people co workers and their families.  When people ask what do I do? OH! Well, hmm… I WAS a bank teller. hmm. >My friend told me to say I was in finance but I told her um…that wouldn’t be true now would it.  But hey,  now I “stay at home” and I Botox. I think there’s a reality show about me..pretty sure there is. God my life. (I can say that. I’m not taking his name in vain I’m crying out for help) < I know I need to do something…no, I’m not just talking. There are active things going on behind the scenes but these things take time and I don’t want to rush any of this decision. Rushing is a colossal waste of money. Until then, maybe I can hide in a box.

  • Hollie and I walked tonight and she kicked ass by running a mile straight through. I was so surprised.  In case anyone has forgotten…running is hard.  Also, it was really really cold. Truthfully not more than usual but I was being me. And me is always cold.  Her stride is shorter than mine so we walk a little odd together but tonight I managed a slow jog to her walk and I’m pretty sure that was a miracle in and of itself. Then she must have taken pity on my coldness and thus…the mile.We went on to run our usual third of every mile and she really did do great.

    this….all the time this…

  • I met Norma for lunch (I used to work with her, before…you know…when I worked) today…sort of. I headed out a few minutes late (don’t worry, I told her I’d be late) but my being late made me come across a traffic accident that hit moments before I got there. It was wicked bad, involved several fire trucks, police cars and ambulances and thus…I ended up getting there 40 minutes late.Did I mention my gas light came on while I was stuck on the interstate? Ever have that day where you wonder why you got out of bed?

    yeah…I probably use this one too much but I relate to it so well! I’ll still use it. I find happiness in it. 
    I had the world’s shortest lunch with her.  Fortunately, it was still great because she’s Norma and that always makes for a good time. Plus, I ordered Tupperware from her and dang I wanted to get that. She’s had it forever! She’s been holding it hostage.

  • When we live with chronic illness it can become habit to wake up and immediately “assess” how you feel. My head hurts. My fingers and joints ache.  My stomach isn’t cooperating.   It’s up to me, though,  to decide how my day is going to go. I can wade through my day feeling sick and feeling sorry for myself or I can move on. I’m going to feel that way anyway, I may as well have some life joy at the same time. I think life IS what you make of it, cliche or not. This isn’t about Christmas. This isn’t about the holiday season. The time of giving and assessing what you have and appreciating your life and all that. And it isn’t even about Paris and San Bernardino and Colorado Springs. This is about right now. Every day. January 17. February 9th. March 3rd. Random days that are just days but what are you going to do with them.

    How are you going to do life?  I know in the real world kids don’t sleep, dishes need to be done, someone needs something for school, there’s always an event you need to run to…but I also  think it’s important to say there may NOT be a tomorrow. We may be saving and working for a great retirement that we’ll never see and we never even did the simple stuff together. I took way too long to say…spend time together. Talk to each other. Cook a meal. Watch a television show. Hang out in the kitchen … share a conversation.

    Pay attention to the people in your life. It’s the little things…

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