Some rest days aren’t really resting…

  • Can I just say I love that my blog is snowing?  That’s all…I think that’s cool.
  • I’m having computer issues so things are slow to be posted. Sean is fixing things but it’s requiring some computer juggling and some computer down time (sob). It’s so wrong. I’m so grateful to have him. I told him this morning that his sense of humor is the third reason I love him. The first is how cute he is and the second is his IT skills, duh.

  • On Wednesday I started to put up the decorations but had that crash that happened so inconveniently at 11pm. Then I woke up an hour later and was wide awake…so I didn’t go to bed until 4am. It left me feeling off most of the day and I got a well deserved migraine that grew to be truly offensive on Thursday…. I took a truly offensive amount of drugs to combat it and the result was a druggy lethargic kind of day. I didn’t get very far on anything. The whole day was just on auto mode.
  • I walked with Hollie in the evening but it was bitter bitter cold (in the 20’s with the cold snap that makes your skin hurt). I was dealing with the migraine so I only did 3 miles. Hollie was so upset she fell to the ground in distress. OR…she burst into song and dance…hmm. It might have been something in between. It was very cold so I suspect…leaning towards the dancing. It felt good to get the three done and even though we finished early and didn’t run as much we definitely get points for being out there kicking ass in the 20* something weather.

  • I opted to “rest” yesterday and by rest I mean I cleaned and decorated nearly every corner of my little house. I was productive squared.  Involved in that was completely turning the livingroom 180*.  Sean came home and never noticed the room was swapped. hehe.  His powers of observation continue to astound me. Let’s remember, though…he’s pretty fabulous for other reasons, that’s why I love him.

  • Today I get to run! I want a quiet ~put my headphones on and sink into the book~ take my time run. I also have to run a few errands and finish up shopping for my out of town people. Packages mailed makes me happy.
  • Hey…I totally missed National Cookie Day! What’s THAT about??  I need a do over…


    Run on…

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    1. I was actually laughing when he got home. He just kept saying, “what’s so funny?”
      um..the living room is totally swapped…Dude. Ah..he’s cute and I like him.

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