Sweet List <3

  1.  When you try something from Pinterest and even though it isn’t perfect, it isn’t a giant fail.  I switched it up a little and some parts of it are leaning like that tower in Pisa but whatever. It still turned out okay.Baby It's Cold Outside - 11 x 14 Print - Chalkboard Art - Christmas Print via Etsy.:            IMG_20151205_221505075Pinterest version                                                      My version…clearly.


  2. Parks and Recreation marathon. Because I love Amy Poehler.

    nope..this makes no sense per the post but hey…I love it and I’m using it. So there.

  3. When I have a migraine (and boy did I have one) and I actually finally sleep. Oh the sleep of the dead. I can’t tell you how much I love to sleep. It’s the most delicious thing ever. My head craves the pillow and I just want to be unconscious. It’s amazing.

    That could be what’s wrong with me…temporary psychosis. hmm…temporary…hmm

  4. Shopping with my friends. I went Christmas shopping with my friends today…at the factory outlets no less…and I didn’t go insane. It wasn’t crazy busy (bonus!) and we had a wonderful time spending not too much money and eating deliciousness…even gluten free (thank you Chili’s)
  5. 60* weather in December. It’s been a really really cold winter so far so this is a lovely break and I appreciate God throwing it our way.
  6. The most beautiful run…it was supposed to be a quick 3 mile run but since it was 60* I decided to go longer and run 4.5. It was perfect and lovely. And slow. A good long run for the week. (more on that tomorrow)
  7. “Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.” ― Elbert Hubbard:

  8. Christmas decorations in my house. The lights all up and the smells  all cinnamony (it’s a word). It’s my favorite.
  9. I bought an atomic clock for the bathroom downstairs and it gives the time and date and the temperature.  I prefer analog clocks but for some reason really wanted digital this time.  Little known fact, I have to know the time~always. Nearly every room in my house has a clock or you can see the time from another room. Also, I sleep in my watch. I have a thing. #therapyproblems

  10. I got my Tupperware from my friend Norma who was holding it hostage. I really have nowhere to store it but seriously…what have I done without a Thatsa bowl before now? That sucker is handy already. I lucked out and got the beautiful dark purple one because yes…I’m that shallow and care what color I get. I’m planning on using it next week.
  11. grocery shopping day… I’m filling those bags today and the cupboards and refrigerator,too. I KNOW. My family won’t know what to do with themselves. They’ll be overwhelmed with confusion …where DID it all come from and what IS this strange stuff that has suddenly filled our cupboards? do we EAT it?
  12. I am a party animal.  I had lunch with Michelle (and Lincoln and Mack) on Tuesday, lunc with Norma on Wednesday, and shopping and lunch withNicky and Sharon yesterday. Seriously… I haven’t socialized this much since high school. It was a very social week. I didn’t even feel overwhelmed!  It was actually awesome and I can’t wait to do it again.

    that is absolutely true. Actually…what’s true is I totally have never been popular. But I’m usually friends with the popular ones. sigh. I’m a follower. So wrong.

  13. Sean and I had the most perfect day this weekend. Why does this get a coveted spot on the Sweet List? Well first of all, let’s face it. My Sweet List is already fairly low on the expectation list…

    but remember it’s the little things…that make life great. (thank you Holly)
    We just hung out watching television, laughing our asses off and doing stupid stuff together. It was just a good day.  For some reason he got mildly grouchy at the end of the day and I immediately invited him to leave so as not to disrupt my joy. He wouldn’t. sigh. But otherwise…it was a simple day of hanging out and really good us. And Skittles. He bought me Skittles. Taste the rainbow.


    Run on…

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    1. Thanks!! Yeah, every time I see it I think…I should go do that right now. But I don’t think of it until I see it. I need to make a note…

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