Politics, Streaking and Pot. I swear this is a clean blog…

Well, first let me say, since I just read a random article on  Facebook that was “trending”~ that Donald Trump has lost his ever loving mind.

I KNOW I said I never talk about politics but come ON.

We’re not talking politics. We’re discussing the sad state of a man’s mind here. It’s really too bad. I mean, he’s relatively young to have his mind go like this. Wish they could do something but for lack of any help…this guy has lost it.

I’m not ashamed to put it out there.

Moving on to reality…


My “long run” was on Monday and not Sunday because let’s face it…I’m off.

But hey…”at least I’m doin’ it!”

points if you know where that obscure quote is from.

yesterday I ran/walked 4 miles with Miss Hollie and again she ran a whole mile but she was pretty mad at me because I made her do the whole mile. She gave me the whole “my legs are heavy and I need to walk” story and I said “whatever you can walk after you finish the mile” speech and “you’re almost there” speech and “the goal is to improve and not go backwards” speech and “I gave you a break last time and I’m not doing it again” speech.

She was tired of my speeches.

she loves Harry Potter so if she read my blog she’d appreciate this very much…

But she ran the whole mile and then she said it wasn’t that bad after all.


I also made her run at least 1/3 of all of the other three miles so she’s kickin’ butt she’s just tired because she’s up early and works full time for those banking overlords.  She’d feel worse if she didn’t work out.

We that work out know this because exercise is good for the soul.

throwback! how funny is this? 

The official definition of a running streak, as adopted by the Streak Runners International, Inc., and United States Running Streak Association, Inc., is to run at least one mile (1.61 kilometers) within each calendar day ~source

One of my friends (hey Amy) is streaking and she’s awesome. She’s on day 15. She started on Thanksgiving, I thought she was starting on Dec 1st so I was not prepared…I was thinking of doing it with her. Needless to say I didn’t start it and now am well ensconced into Dec. 9th.

How good are you at streaking?  I successfully did it one time and Celiac bit me every time after.

Or maybe a better question is how successful are you at finishing something you start?  Those 30 days of planks…push ups through December….21 Day fixes…you know what I’m talking about. The Whole30 meals. Etc.

My friend Andrea has done Whole30 and she loves it. So are you a start and stop person or are you great at it?

We all know MY history… as soon as I announce ANYTHING in my world, I get injured, sick, Malaria, whatever. I never finish anything. If I didn’t say a word I’d finish with flying colors. It’s the gigantic announcement to the world that ruins it for me. Seriously….happens every time.

It sucks that I write a blog because I always want to tell you guys everything and then as soon as I do…bam. I’m out.  I wonder if that’s psychological?

(side note: in researching this subject I looked up “streaking” on Runner’s World and Pinterest both.  Runner’s World wants me to sign up for something… (Runner’s World you’re killin’ my vibe). And Pinterest has taught me how to perfectly clean a window…(in their defense…duh)

I figured I’d ask you guys and see if anyone else had any success…maybe it’s just me. Some people are REALLY good at it. My friend Amy may be the anomaly.

Am I the norm or am I the odd man out. Who has time to streak?

A Shockingly Small Amount Of Running Can Boost Your Health

~Not about streaking but about getting in at least 5- 10 minute runs a week. Shockingly…it’s worth it.

Shockingly..I’m not surprised by this study. I’m pretty sure any runner will tell you this because it’s our escape from the crazy place. It’s where we go to feel better. It’s worth it.

Being fit and daily workouts, lifting your heart rate are all good for you and will help you feel better in the short run and the long run. It’s better for your emotional, mental and physical well being.

Google Image Result for http://thezars.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/fitness-inspiration-just-do-it.jpeg:


After my run on Saturday I had some serious body aches. I did my strength training so my first thought was that but it didn’t work that way…it didn’t feel like DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). It felt more like…you have a condition that makes your body ache.  Almost like I was getting a cold or something. But I never got a cold. You would think the pot smoking in that parking lot we run past would be enough to make me feel better but it only makes me super nauseous. Every.single.time. We both take a hit and then we both give a little pause in our conversation and a giggle like…oh yeah. We forgot to hold our breath at the parking lot. 

I finally decided the pain  was probably something attributed to Celiac. I know..sigh…I love talking about it, too, but facts of life it affects me every single day and most of the time I am a normal person who eats slightly different and healthier than the average person. Lots of vegetables and protein. Every once in a while I have the day when my joints are achier than normal and so is the rest of me. It didn’t help with my Celiac attitude I think.

But I actually feel better today after my mini pity party yesterday and my two days of running streak.  ::smirk::

And on the super bright side…I have no migraine! Snoopy dance if you love that..


I want a button that says I loved Snoopy before Snoopy was popular.


.I’ve created a program that has helped people just like you see incredible results…and have fun doing it:

Run on…

3 Replies to “Politics, Streaking and Pot. I swear this is a clean blog…”

  1. Glad you got in your long run (even if it wasn’t on the right day 😉 )

    I’ve been both successful and not so much at streaking. I’ve done an entire Whole30 and the Thanksgiving-to-New Year’s running streak. But I’ve also attempted to repeat some of those things and wasn’t as good. So who knows. 😉 Right now I’m just trying to eat reasonably and run when I can! I can barely handle that at the moment.

    And I have no words for Trump. I’ll leave it at that.

    1. Yeah, both of those things for me, too. How ridiculous is that? You’d think I’d feel horrible when I don’t make it but I just get that it’s life and I move on to try again another day. Like you said…eat reasonably and run when I can. And yes! We can barely handle that at the moment. Ha.

      Trump. ::headexplodes::

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