I would so move here…except for that whole~ it’s really cold…there’s snow…that whole thing.

Keystone is amazing. SO beautiful.

skiers coming off the snowy foggy mountain…

We didn’t do much yesterday and it was really nice actually. But I don’t mind that kind of day. The ~take it as it comes..decide as you’re going~ kind of day.

It was cold and remember…no snow boots. So spending a lot of time outside really wasn’t my dream. I mean, if I came across a pair of boots I’d be all over that. Unfortunately there were not a lot of spare snow boot stores locally. If I wanted skis, snowboards, ski clothes, hats, gloves, coats, that sort of thing…I’d be in like Flynn. But boots…people don’t go to Keystone needing snowboots.

I’m kind of like..an idiot.

Lunch was crazy and we struggled until we finally ordered pizza. There are a billion people here.

But after that we headed outside and walked around enjoying the shops and the coffee and the random bonfires and just the mountain in general. It was good.

Sean and Alexander demonstrating they can, in fact, stand still and take a picture but they don’t have to like it. 🙂
just playing with the snow and wishing it wasn’t in his boots. “it’s in my boots..in my boots!!”

We discovered the skating rink and Shaughnessy and Adam took theboy ice skating for the first time ever.

He had a blast.

I sat by the fire and watched and stayed warm because ice = cold = no.

After ice skating we went back to the room to thaw out.

I may never thaw out but we headed out to dinner at Red Mountain Grill in silverthorne, CO.

It was a great little restaurant with an incredible variety of food.  And it was beautiful.


A lovely place…we enjoyed the experience completely.

Home to relax, change our clothes and get warm.

Did I mention it’s freezing cold up here?

Yeah…I bet I did…

Games until exhaustion.

One more day and home to Malachi and Skosh.

Malachi has barely left the bed because he’s depressed.

Skosh is excited whenever anyone is there to visit him.

they don’t do well when we’re gone…our poor neurotic animals.

Run on…