Winter in Colorado is Magical.

It’s the Christmas party for Sean’s work and we brought the whole family to the mountains of Colorado.

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Some are snowboarding today…some are going ice skating. Some of us will just hang out. Especially since the snow is epic today and this girl forgot her snow boots.

Yep. Dawned on me at this very moment.

I know, Mom. I know. Don’t forget your snow boots.

I had them set aside and out the door I walked … leaving them….in the house…not in the car…

right this moment…as I type…it’s dawning on me. If you could only see the snow.

I’m a complete idiot.


I hope Malachi and Skosh are taking good care of them. *note…we have house sitters so they aren’t alone. We’re not the worst parents in the world. Just kind of the worst. They miss us!


Sean and I were just discussing how one persons’ magical is another person’s bored to tears. Why can I be in Keystone and not leave my room but I had a wonderful time but the next person can’t wait to snowboard? And person number three is dying to go ice skating and inner tubing. My idea of joy is sitting by the fire, eating something way too unhealthy for me, with the blinds open so I can see the snow and look at the Colorado mountains and watch a movie with my husband. And when everyone comes back they sit around the table and play games and make fun of each other.

Oh, you guys don’t do that in your family?


We hung out with family last night and the boy was being his usual charming self. That’s not even sarcasm! He’s pretty charming and won everyone over with his cuteness.

isn’t he such a little man??  All grown up and #almostfive

He says when he’s five he’ll be “almost six”. A smart boy right there. Yep.

I ran/walked two miles with Malachi yesterday and did a bit of yoga stretching.

My left leg is having some weird twitchiness.

I don’t think I’m injured…I think I’m just tweaked. You know..that moment you realize that whatever you’re doing…well it’s just not enough. You’re going to have to up your workout game. You know that spot right behind your knee?  Mine keeps giving out.

I know..sounds awesome, right?  years ago…too many to admit to…my knee used to give out.  I was able to do some great strengthening that helped that never happen again. I have loud creaky ridiculous knees. I was squatting today and Sean said, “that is ridiculous. I need to trade you in for a younger model”. My knees are crazy loud. I sound very breakable. But they don’t give out. They are strong. I am diligent about my knee exercises. So I figure I need to work on my legs a bit, stretching and strength, to see if that’s what my leg needs to keep from giving out.

Remember that post where I talked about streaks?

What’s the one thing you always wanted to be able to do or finish but can’t seem to follow through?

I always wanted to do the splits.

I know…crazy right?

But it seems like it would kill two birds with one stone. I’d be able to do the splits like I always wanted to…how cool would that be? And I would finally have that ever elusive flexibility.

Oh to be flexible.

The runner’s dream. So rarely to be fulfilled as we are running too much and shortening and tightening our muscles

Self sabotage.


I’m stretching it out and then I’m going to head over to the awesome fitness center that is not and do a little treadmill and do a little stretching and do a little strength and and then just hang with my husband and the kids.

Nope…I don’t snowboard or ski. And the snow is cold. COLD.

I choose the fireplace.

But first I may do a little snowboot shopping. LOL

Sorry Mom.


Run on…

2 Replies to “Winter in Colorado is Magical.”

  1. Oh dear. Well, it is probably because I wasn’t there to remind you…sigh.
    Well anyway, I love your idea to sit by the fire and look out on the world. And, the boy is getting soooo big! Maybe freeze dry him, or a brick on his head? He is our only baby and I hate to see him grow up so fast. I know, it is life but he is so precious. Where are you? Hope you have a wonderful time. Love you lots.

    1. I tried to put a brick on his head and it just made him crankier. I decided to leave him be. He got even taller, I think it was in protest to the brick.

      I don’t like to see him grow either. It’s so wrong.

      I’d like to blame you for the snow boots but I think it’s like blaming the baby for the baby weight when the baby weight is like…five years old. I am owning the snow boot issue. Thanks for offering though!

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