Last day in Keystone…and home at last.

  • I had my friend Vanessa watching Malachi and Skosh and I can’t stress enough what an amazing job she did for us. They were so well taken care of, Skosh wanted to go home with her and she came over multiple times a day to make sure Malachi was okay. He’s a little sad when we’re gone (understatement of the year) and she just needed to see he wasn’t jumping off the puppy bridge or anything. He was pretty bummed.  She did such a good job he was actually happy when we got home! Usually he punishes us for a little while…stressing how wrong it was for us to leave him. Just like a two year old..yep.

  • I spent about an hour at the hotel fitness center yesterday doing some strength and a little cardio. I was going to run but ended up not feeling it. I did the bike for about 3.5 miles and then its battery died? Random.  It was not a light workout…I mean, my upper body was gettin’ nothin’ but my legs were freakin’ tired.

  • Last photos from the trip:

    Giant boy sized chess set…he stopped to move a piece and then kept going. Priorities.
    IMG_20151213_113029448_HDR IMG_20151213_115228234 IMG_20151213_115722307_HDR
    Ice skating is exhausting so after he went ice skating he came and sat by me and we put our feet up by the fire. He has tiny feet.
    They laughed at me because I practically had to get into the fire to get this picture. But I didn’t have my good camera and phone cameras just don’t do it. sigh…still cute.

  • I’m glad to be home. I do love to travel but I think I’m getting a cold and I had the worst WORST migraine yesterday so I was ready to come home and sleep it off with drugs.  I still have residuals. Now I’m anti social.
  • We went to that fabulous restaurant and this girl made a rookie mistake and ordered a meal I could have put money on had gluten in it. Though it was labeled gluten free, I have been definitely feeling the repercussions. Alex Michael asked me if I would know right away, how I would know, etc. But he asked me at the dinner table and …yeah…I decided to just politely opt out of that conversation.  I’ve posted this before but this little Buzzfeed article…yeah…so true.

    19 Things Only People With Celiac Disease Will Understand

    How did I know it wasn’t gluten free…you ask? It had cheese. I know, I don’t eat much cheese, if any these days (oh the cheese I ate this weekend) but I do love enchiladas. Here’s your tip. Restaurants use already shredded cheese and shredded cheese has gluten on it, that’s how it keeps from sticking together. I buy block cheese and shred it if I need to use cheese for something. There’s your lesson for the day. Don’t you feel smarter? It’s an obscure little thing that most restaurants will miss. What are the odds this restaurant knew this? My gut says zero. Pun intended. I swear I will learn.

  • Sean introduced me to a co worker this weekend who also has Celiac. He’s been Celiac for 12 years, he says I’m still a baby. I told him I’m in mourning. I explained how I handled it really well for about a year and a half and after Thanksgiving I just am not handling it as well as could be expected. He laughed a little and said, “yep. You’re right on schedule”.  So apparently this is normal and I’ll move right through it no problem. I wasn’t too worried about it,  but I’ve been kind of down about the gluten situation since the holidays started. I was pretty relieved to know it’s normal and I’ll be moving on soon. I’d way rather be positive about it than sad.
  • I was scrolling online on the drive home (clearly not the one driving) and Runner’s World was posting a strength workout for runners (I know, go figure, right?) and all I could think was…that’s a strength workout? I really didn’t feel like it actually qualified. But I have a few strength trainers in my family and I’m no stranger to the gym. I would rather have something that makes my muscles pay attention. Like a good run would.

    Today I need to get a run in and a strength in. Let’s see what happens.  It’s a busy day.  Also…must Christmas shop.  Pretty ready for that to be done.

    Run on…
    p.s. I just realized it’s Monday and it’s supposed to be Sweet List day. Ugh. I’m clearly off. Sorry Folks…

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    1. The animals were well loved. We were stressed at the worries about them. Guess that’s life. It’s like having little kids.

      I learn more every time I get glutened. I get so much smarter.

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