Sweet List <3

I know, it’s not Monday. Doesn’t this make everything off? I think so, too.

My whole world is a little off kilter right now from our weekend out of town so I’m not feeling great so I’m feeling the need for some sweet to remind me of all the joy.

  1.   Single Dad Laughing. He posts his favorite things he’s seen on Facebook that day and that night and it’s always good. Cracks me up every time.
    Singledadlaughing source
  2. Humans of New York. I know, I go on and on about that. But it makes me happy.
  3. Theboy ice skating ~or as he puts it…”skiing”~ was pretty cute. Oh my gosh those little skates.
  4. My kick butt friends who took amazing care of Malachi and Skosh AND the house. They brought in the mail and shoveled the driveway and sidewalk. She’s the best and if Denver ever thaws out I’ll totally let her know.
  5. Having the boys around. Good Lord they are hilarious. I know it’s short lived and they’ll both be leaving soon so I’m enjoying having kids in the house for a little while. They gather in the kitchen, I sit at my computer, Sean stands near the stairs (for a discreet but quick getaway when it gets too raucous) and they proceed to discuss their day while insulting the other person in that ~you’re my brother and I love you and everything you do is wrong~ way.  It’s really quite entertaining. I laugh my butt off…most of the time.
  6. When you get really frustrated there’s nothing on television and then you remember~ you DVR’d something. Life is good.

  7. Christmas music. Truth be told I have a low tolerance unless it really is Christmas. Then I love hearing it with the smells and decorations and everything that says wonderful, like warm blankets…everything good. Can you tell I’m cold?

    Too bad we don’t do scratch and sniff, I’d make cookies. 
  8. Loveland Pass in Colorado. It’s located on the Continental Divide and as you can see from the photo, it’s elevation is nearly 12,000 ft. There’s no guardrail and with snow coming early at that elevation, rockslides and avalanches are not uncommon.  It was dark and creepy and mountainous and dangerous and I loved it. It took me straight back to Austria. A favorite and yet terrifying memory.

  9. Holiday baking. Thank you Pinterest.  What did we do before Pinterest? I for one…was not nearly as good at that baking thing. And I wasn’t terrible. But I’m much better now that I can read the comments and be reassured by the whole “can I substitute this?” question and know someone else asked it! Love that.
    Gingersnap Cookies (Gluten Free Vegan) Chewy, crisp and soft gingersnap with just enough spice and is Vegan and Egg Free.| PetiteAllergyTreats
  10. It’s snowing in Denver (understatement of the month), in case no one else has seen the news. So far we’ve gotten at least 9.5 inches.  I made warm cornbread for breakfast because it was cold outside. And no one wanted to venture out into the blizzard that is.
    Sean had to shovel the deck so Malachi could go use the puppy restroom. But Malachi just really wants company. So as soon as Sean goes out then Malachi runs out, too, and bounds around in the snow like a bunny. Then he decides he’s too cold and comes in and watches from the window. 
  11. I did something I’ve always wanted to do and I joined the National Bone Marrow Program  It was such a simple thing to do and I knew it would be. So far,  I am eligible (they didn’t delve too deep into my history, though they did ask questions) so I wasn’t ever asked the ever important “were you stationed overseas during the big scary ~mad cow~ situation. This is the reason we aren’t allowed to give blood. So if by some horrible circumstance this ends up being a reason I can’t donate (it would be such a miracle if I was a match anyway, right?) I would hope the gods of all things reasonable would figure out how to make it work. If not, it would definitely make me sad.
  12. A good manicure when the dry dry dry air of Colorado tries to suck all the moisture from your hands and nails. I’m off to see my nail girl tomorrow and yay I hope she can see me.
  13. And finally…can I have a moment of happy for my kid, Alex?  He’s been out plowing since 4am and he’s on his way back from Morrison in the worst driving conditions. When he headed up to Morrison he stopped at the store to make sure he had equipment to make sure he could pull people out of the ditch. And then proceeded to pull several people out throughout the day even as he plowed.  He told me this afternoon on his way home he just wanted to drive around pulling people out of ditches. He has a kind generous heart. #doingliferight  ~He just bought a new truck (it’s a giant diesel Ford and he loves it). I’m reminded of when he was tiny and he and his dad would go into classic Hulk mode and say “we are MEN”. So freakin’ cute. ~ 

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    1. I know right? It was so beautiful.It just took my breath away. Loveland path reminded me very much of that.

  1. Good for you for joining the donor registry!!

    And that’s crazy about all your snow. We got a little this weekend, but otherwise it’s just been crazy warm.. I can’t really complain, but it also doesn’t really feel like Christmas!

    1. yeah, it will probably never come to anything but I just always wanted to join it. I can check that off my list!

      We’re getting his this weekend, right after Christmas. More snow…you can come here and visit!!

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