Hangin’ with MT was a good day…wash rinse repeat.

I spent the day Christmas shopping with MT and we had a ridiculously good time even though we both froze our butts off.

I know I use this all the time but it’s so accurate to how I feel SO MUCH.

As a matter of fact we bonded over the cold. I think he and I share an equal dislike of cold weather so it’s okay if I get cold. He understands and goes with it. We sat in the food court of the Castle Rock Factory Outlets having muffins and tea and pizza (yeah, I had tea) and enjoying the fireplace. Because cold.

I’m not generally a fan of outlets (hello crazy crowds) but these have mellowed over the years so there aren’t crazy crowds. But my favorite brands are all in one place. If it was an enclosed mall I’d be so in love.

Also, I’m seriously cheap. He’ll tell you we went INTO all these stores and left them empty handed because the myth of the “outlet” is everything is so CHEAP. It’s not. It’s just a place to keep all these high end stores. Every once in a while you come upon a great deal. It’s that time of year but I’m Christmas shopping so…not for me (that $20 sweater was a steal and I’m not kidding I want another one. I will wear it to death).

We went to North Face (sigh, I love running stuff)

Under Armour (running stuff)

Oakley (running sunglasses)

store that shall remain unnamed

another store that shall remain unnamed

third store that shall remain unnamed but I bought a fabulous giant cable sweater I am currently wearing and it’s so awesome I may go straight back down there to buy another. Damn it’s a good sweater. $20!

Lots of running stuff and it all makes me happy.  I know, I really don’t need a lot of running stuff. But hey…running stuff just reminds me I love to run.

I totally skipped Nike because I was too cold to go another step. That’s cold.

minions shopping excited



I also went to the chiropractor. My back has been in so much pain since this weekend and between my back and that leg tweak I figured it was due.

My leg feels great.

My back is worse. It was actually almost better when I went but today I feel like I’ve gone two days backwards. So unfriendly. I think I’m just overly sensitive…body wise. I don’t think this. I know. My whole body gets aches and pains more than the average bear.

I had a migraine off the charts last night so I was beyond drugged and barely functioning. I just wanted…sleep. It’s all just a factor from the weekend I think. I’m finally coming out of it and I’m super grateful!

The backache is a little setback so today I got out the heating pad (which felt divine) and took more Advil. I’m going to yoga a bit and run on the treadmill if I can. Even just a few miles will feel like I’m not a marshmallow.

I love marshmallows.

Yes, I’ll take care not to re injure or do more damage.

I don’t usually get back pain…anyone else have that issue?  So weird.


And then MT and I are heading back out to get things done!

Anyone have any great ideas for husbands/dads? You know the type, they have everything, don’t want anything, buy it themselves if they do?

Yeah…it’s super fun.

I’m going to get him Popeye’s Chicken gift cards. That’ll do it.

Men are ridiculously hard to buy for!

Have you done your planks???

Health.com gives you 20 Ways to do a Plank.  

This is good for your core which is good for your whole running self.  You feel like you’re just engaging your arms and maybe your core but in reality you are engaging so much of your body it makes the plank one of the best strength exercises you can do.  I know we’ve talked about this before but I’m pretty strong on reminding you to do planks.

A plank is an isometric core strength exercise that means holding a push-up like position for as long as possible. You’re going to engage your abs, deltoids, pecs, glutes, quads, calves, and a few fun little ones that are a pain to spell so just trust me on this.

forearm plank

Straight-arm plank

side plank

One-legged plank

I would just like to point out…those abs these women have are rockin’ strong. Also, they seem way happier while doing their planks than I ever do when I’m doing mine. But it’s worth it and you will run stronger and have much better posture and probably not have those nagging occasional back issues (talking to myself).

source for these photos are Health.com



Run on…

5 Replies to “Hangin’ with MT was a good day…wash rinse repeat.”

  1. Why are those stores “unnamed”? Can’t be bad since you bought a sweater there. I do love Castle rock but real “outlet” stores used to be in alleys and out of the way places where you could buy name brand stuff that did’t sell for a fraction on the original cost. Do you remember being in one of those in SF?

    1. Oh…the stores are unnamed because if I name them then the children I bought gifts for will know what I got them. They are smart children. 😉

      And I TOTALLY remember that outlet store!! I was telling Sean how we bought my wedding gown in that warehouse of a back alley in San Francisco. It was a serious warehouse. And those gowns were totally thrown on a rack. That was crazy! $48 was a great deal. I got my money’s worth.

  2. I love planks! Well, they suck sometimes because they are hard, but I love how it’s practically a full-body workout.

    1. Yeah…I love them. I think they are such a good workout and almost immediately make me feel stronger. I do have a love/hate relationship with them but TOTALLY worth it.

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