Sean and I and Christmas shopping.

He’s trying to win me over. Of course, he did that already but keep that to yourself. 
I am, as we speak, sitting on a heating pad.

Why, you ask? Is your butt cold? you ask?

No. It’s pretty rare that part of my body gets cold. But I’m sitting at the kitchen counter and it’s the only way I can use the heating pad while I’m sitting here and the rest of me IS cold so…you do what you can. Which is the modified version of my mom’s “use what you’ve got”.

  • Hollie and I went walking/running today. I’d like to say we went running but in the real world there was not a lot of running because there was a LOT of ice on the sidewalks and we were risking our lives with every third step. So instead we walked and stepped carefully and did some strange intervals using some new muscles. It was good exercise!
  • My back is feeling much better, more of a 3 (on a 1 to 10 scale) versus the 8 it was feeling all week. So I am rejoicing and planning a good week of workouts!  I need a run but I’m excited just to be moving.
    dancing happy jimmy fallon excited late night with jimmy fallon
  • Sean offered to go shopping with me today and I reluctantly agreed.  The earth did not, in fact, stop moving and we had a really good time. He was awesome, and it was totally fun. He was charming and sweet and held my hand and went and got the car so I wouldn’t have to walk in the cold. Hmm…now I’m wondering if he was up to something. He was being very nice.We went to the outlets (crazy I know) and the busiest mall in the city (yep…at Christmas no less) and halfway across Denver. And we still really like each other. Or should I say I really like him. The jury is out whether he likes me but he’s stuck with me so whatever. We didn’t have much luck but we had a good time and we tried.

    I suspect I’ll have to resort to online shopping. The majority of my children came to me in the last few days and CHANGED their list! I know, right?  The nerve. Yes, some of them I already had things for so …that should be fun.  This whole shopping year has been strange.

  • Sean and I both decided we’re going shopping for each other…together. We’re too busy and frustrated maybe? to even bother being discreet about taking a list and leaving to buy each other the stuff on the list.  Why bother with pretense. This way we get to spend the day together and it’s way more entertaining for both of us. This way we’ll stop all the mad spending from taking over us.

    What’s the most unique shopping/Christmas tradition you have ever done in your family??? 

    What’s your favorite Christmas tradition that is not Elf on the Shelf? (nothing against him)

  • We went to see Brooklyn yesterday and it was really REALLY good. Heads up…it was sad. But again, really good. I love period films and this was set in 1950’s Brooklyn, a young Irish woman comes to Brooklyn to start a new life. Tihere’s romance, there’s a triangle, there’s sad…there’s happy. It’s all there. It’s well done and we liked it. Recommend.
  • I’m watching Juno as I type this (yes, I am truly a movie addict) and it ranks as one of my favorite movies. It’s so lovely to watch the Juno fall in love with the adoptive mom and the baby and the whole process as her pregnancy progresses.  I can always watch this movie.
  • Today (I say today because you are reading it today and it’s Sunday now) we are off to see Star Wars The Force Awakens.   I should probably go to bed so I don’t sleep during this. I might be excommunicated from the family if that happens.
  • Hollie and I are running/walking again in the morning and strength is definitely happening tomorrow. I am still a marshmallow.
  • One last note…I have a doctor’s appt in a week and a half. It’s with my thyroid doctor and I really like her. But her intern is the one who was not very nice to me (though I don’t think she knew that, she’s just young and doesn’t think before she speaks). So I put several notes throughout my house to remind myself. This should remind me to eat healthy and get my workouts in.

  • Run on…

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    1. Thank you! Dr appt is still a week or so away but I’m super not excited about it. I’ll deal but those doctors with no bedside manner…thanks but no thanks.

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