Sweet List <3

I got so busy today that I lost track of time and never got back to the computer to finish the list. I realize this is a real tragedy and everyone was waiting and I’m terribly sorry for the delay. I am staying up late to try and finish so no one has to wait any longer than necessary…

It’s a tragedy for sure…

  1. Cookie party. Is there anything as fun?   I love cookies and I love friends and that is the best get together. #betterlivingthroughsugar
  2. Seeing friends you just don’t get to see very often and catching up on all of their craziness. #Iknowthingsaboutyou #friendblackmailismorefun
  3. The after-cookie party when you get to have cookies for breakfast. Don’t judge. #stillakid #alwaysakid
  4. Christmas shopping with MT. #spendingtimewhileIcan
  5. Harry Potter and the virtual race medals showed up. And they are as awesome as we all expected… #Harryforever
  6. Seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens with family… it was a good day. #Maytheforcebewithyou #reallydidyouexpectanythingelse
  7. Hollie and I are on a roll for walking/running and tomorrow will be our third day IN A ROW. I KNOW. We’re pretty excited. I know my legs and butt are anyway. They are happy to feel the muscles again. I was starting to doubt their existence. #feelsgoodtomove #hollieisawesome
  8. Marshmallows dipped in caramel. Because it’s delicious. Added bonus…sea salt. #nomorecaramel #sadday
  9. Monday morning phone call with Monica Sue!  I haven’t laughed that hard in a very long time. Well needed. Thanks Darling. #askmeaboutthekyjelly #beststoryever
  10. Fluffy Christmas throw that I keep on the couch to wrap around me as I sit freezing at the kitchen counter. #socold #brainstoppedworkingatten
  11. Christmas manicure...red tips with a little silver to spice things up. I do love my nail girl. She takes good care of me. Also, my nails were already starting to break. #mynailswaitfornoholiday #moneywellspent
  12. Thatsa Bowl. Was that on my list last week?  I feel like it was…but it’s on this week because I used it this week for the cookie party and holy smokes how did I ever cook without it and wow I wish I had the whole set. It’s awesome. And could I have a kitchen that could hold a whole set? So much cupboard space is needed.
  13. I made a bizarre little meal tonight but it was super easy and incredibly fast and really turned out kind of delicious. It was just cooked ground chicken with some salsa and green chile and some tomatoes all heated up with some of those super tiny little red potatoes quartered and cooked in with it. It was totally not spicy and kind of “mash” like but very yummy. You could add to it with cheese if you wanted. Sean put sour cream on his. You could add beans very easily. Really the possibilities are endless. I can totally see it with sweet potatoes. I’m getting hungry all over again. Maybe some jalapenos if you want to go spicier. #supperexperiment #Imhungryagain

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  1. Yay sweet lists! <3 and your Christmas manicure sounds darling. 🙂

    (And, obviously, no judging about the cookies for breakfast from me!)

    1. Thanks! I love a great manicure. And I appreciate the no judgement on the cookies for breakfast. They were mostly pumpkin and gluten free (obviously) and very very delicious.

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